Fortnite: fight Royale’s Season 8 Discovery challenges continue in week 7 through a brand-new loading screen featuring the desire Tier 100 skin this season.

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Week 7 only just started on Thursday morning, yet for anybody who completed all seven difficulties — including visiting 3 pirate camps in a solitary match — and wants to insurance claim a mystery battle star, we’ve obtained just the guide to help.

In the brand-new loading screen, luxe is lowering herself right into some type of cave that’s loaded with enough glowing treasure come make any kind of dragon jealous. Illuminated top top the cave wall surface behind her, ~ above the top-left that the image, is some type of cavern painting. The orientation is off here, however it depicts a wooden rabbit with a fight star ~ above its back.

Yes, it is the same wooden hare featured in the main 6 challenge. Like the stone pig and also the steel llama, the wood rabbit is among the 3 massive animal landmarks composed of common Fortnite structure materials.


Luxe is looting a serious amount of sweetheart in the main 7 discovery loading screen, and also the proviso is top top the left.Epic Games

Like similar weekly loading display challenges, this mystery battle star is just right ~ above the facility of the rabbit’s back.

For anyone the needs more precise guidance, the video clip at the optimal of this article from YouTuber HarryNinetyFour shows precisely where to go. (Be sure to examine out your YouTube web page for even an ext Fortnite videos).

The huge wooden hare is ~ above a mountainous peak simply north that Snobby Shores, really close to the coastline. It’s very hard to miss and is easily viewable indigenous both the map and also the sky.


Remember that this an enig battle star will certainly only show up to players that have completed seven full weeks the challenges and also unlocked the mainly 7 loading display screen featuring Luxe. Otherwise, that won’t show up at all. With just a couple of weeks left in Season 8, it’s time to gain going.

The in-game countdown indicates that Season 8 end on may 8, so players have until climate to complete this and also other challenges prior to Season 9 arrives.

Fortnite: battle Royale Season 8, main 8should begin the morning the Thursday, April 18.

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