The saturday week the Fortnite"s Season 9 obstacles have come and gone, and also after football player complete every one of them, they"ll be able to go looking for an additional Battle Star, the place of i m sorry is surprise in the loading display screen you can see above.

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Finding her objective

While the picture above might not seem favor it"s showing too much, if you look very closely on the left side of the screen, you"ll be able to an alert the hidden battle Star hiding simply under a collection of stairs. The ar of this star should additionally be obvious, together the loading display depicts the newly contained Pressure Plant place that popped up in Fortnite. Head end to the power Plant and the spot location in a game, and you"ll be able to claim the fight Star together your prize for the week.

How to discover hidden battle Star in week 7"s Loading Screen

Jump into any type of mode that Fortnite"s battle Royale. I"d suggest Solo or Team Rumble, together they room the best for challenges like these.You"ll desire to head in the direction of Pressure Plant, and also aim come land near the large castle that overlooks the location.On the map, head to the pressure Plant and find the stairs that enhance up through the image.

Simply walk approximately the measures in the loading screen, and grab the fight Star the pops up.


Once you collection the star, you"ll be every done with Week 7"s challenges, and ready for following week. Just in situation you haven"t, make certain to finish every one of your mainly 7 challenges prior to attempting to discover this star, together it won"t show up unless you"ve done them all. Because that some assist with the challenges, make certain to inspect our difficulties list for web links to an ext guides, and also get going on the challenges if you haven"t finished them yet.

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