Original Caption: Eskimo Mother and Child in Furs, Nome, Alaska; Bust-length, with boy on Back. Regional Identifier: 126-ARA-2-235, national discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 532339.

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The pictures explained in this list portray native Americans, your homes, and activities. The photos are from the records of 15 federal government agencies within the holdings the the Still snapshot Branch (RRSS) that the national discoverhotmail.com and also Records Administration. Most are from the records of the office of Indian work (Record group 75), the military Signal Corps (Record group 111), the Smithsonian college (Record group 106), and U.S. Geological survey (Record team 57)

All of the pictures described in the list are either photographs or copies of artworks. Any kind of item not established as an artwork is a photograph. At any time available, the surname of the photographer or artist and the day of the item have actually been given. This details is adhered to by the national discoverhotmail.com i would number (NAID). The selected photographs space in the general public domain.

The images are group by subject, like children, dances, fishing, games/recreation, etc. English names of individuals have actually been used, with indigenous or secondary designations in parentheses. Tribal name as certain as feasible have been integrated into the descriptions wherein known and where appropriate and also an index by tribe adheres to the list.

Captions for and the terms provided to define the photographs in this list were developed at or around the time each image was made. Consequently, some of the terms used at the time may now be taken into consideration to be outdated, inaccurate, derogatory, disrespectful, or culturally insensitive. NARA does not alter, edit, or modify original captions, as they are component of the historical record and also reflect and document the standard language, attitudes, and also biases in ~ the time. come learn more about this topic researchers should call the individual tribal discoverhotmail.com, museums, or libraries. Because that a list, see the National brochure of lack discoverhotmail.com, Museums and Libraries.

Many photographs relating to indigenous Americans are not included in this list. Different inquiries for additional images have to be as certain as possible, consisting of names, dates, places, and also other details. Come view much more photographs, please visit the office of Indian Affairs, Photographs detect Aid.

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By Subject

Agency Buildings

1.Bird"s-eye watch of Nez Perce" Agency, Idaho. 1879. Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519140, neighborhood Identifier: 75-IP-1-43

2. Sioux Indian police inside wall up on horseback in prior of pine Ridge firm buildings, Dakota Territory, august 9, 1882. National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519143, regional Identifier: 75-IP-2-19

3. Basic view that buildings, Rocky boy Agency, Mont. Chippewa Photographed by Walter D. Wilcox, 1936. National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519168, local Identifier: 75-N-ROC-1

4. Office and also sutler store, Round sink Agency, Calif., 1876. Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519142, neighborhood Identifier: 75-IP-2-7



Original Caption: Pumpkins farming in front of a Single-Family Zuni Adobe. Regional Identifier: 106-IN-2384CH, nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523778.

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5. Apaches moving hay at ft Apache, Ariz. Photographed by C. A. Merkey . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531124, regional Identifier: 111-SC-104113

6. Navajo hogan and also cornfield close to Holbrook, Ariz. Photographed through F. A. Ames, 1889. National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523554, regional Identifier: 106-FAA-54

7. Navajo ladies shearing sheep.National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530946, regional Identifier: 111-SC-89583

8. Moapariat Paiute mrs gathering seeds, southerly Nevada. Photographed by john K. Hillers, 1873.National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517731, local Identifier: 57-PE-53

9. Pisehedwin, a Potawatomi, and also others in front of his Kansas farm home, 1877.National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519145 regional Identifier: 75-IP-3-7

10. Pumpkins growing in former of a single-family Zuni adobe. Photographed by man K. Hillers, ca. 1879.National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523778, regional Identifier: 106-IN-2384CH



Original Caption: Hopi woman Weaving a Basket. Local Identifier: 79-HPS-6-3275, national discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520083.

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11. Apache basketwork repertoire of Lt. L. P. Davidson, 11th Infantry, 1893.National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530874, regional Identifier: 111-SC-83484

12. Hopi mrs weaving a basket. Photographed by Henry Peabody, ca. 1900.National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520083, regional Identifier: 79-HPS-6-3275

13. Papago basketmaker at work, Arizona. Photographed through H. T. Cory, 1916 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier:532042, local Identifier: 115-L-2-32


14. One-Called-From-A-Distance (Midwewinind), a Chippewa native White planet Reservation, Minnesota; half-length, seated, reflecting beadwork sash and vest, 1894 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523834, neighborhood Identifier: 106-INE-1

15. Wolf Necklace (Harlish Washshomake), a Paloos chief; full-length, standing, wearing a bead necklace and also a beaded purse, 1890 .National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523663, neighborhood Identifier: 106-IN-108

16. String and belt wampum, ca. 1890. Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier:523577,Local Identifier: 106-IN-18A

Burial Customs

17. Indian interment ground. Artwork by Maj. 0. Gross, QMC, 1849 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531101, local Identifier: 111-SC-97367

18. Tree funeral of the Oglala Sioux near ft Laramie, Wyo . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530913,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87740

19. Dakota frame burial. Artwork by H. C. Yarrow, 1880 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530917,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87776


20. An excellent Camp the the Piekanns near fort McKenzie, Mont. Artwork by knife Bodmer, 1833 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530976,Local Identifier: 111-SC-92844

21. Bird"s eye see of Sioux camp at Pine Ridge, S. Dak. Photographed through G. E. Trager, November 28, 1890 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530802,Local Identifier: 111-SC-82381

22. A Wichita camp. Photographed by Henry Peabody, ca. 1904 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520080,Local Identifier: 79-HPS-6-3217



Original Caption: Navajo papoose ~ above a cradleboard through a lamb approaching, window Rock, Arizona. Local Identifier: 75-N-NAV-76, nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519160.

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23. Two Apache babies ~ above cradleboards . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530904,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87304

24. Apache boy v face and legs painted. Photographed through Ben Wittick . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530899,Local Identifier:111-SC-85755

25. Chiricahua Apache girl, granddaughter of Cochise; full-length, seated. Photographed by Ben Wittick, ca. 1886 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530900,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85759

26. Cherokee boy and girl in costume on reservation, north Carolina. Photographed by john K. Hillers, Jr., June 1939 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 513344,Local Identifier: 30-N-39-2893B

27. Angelic La Moose, whose grandfather was a Flathead chief, attract costume her mom made; full-length, standing, in front of a tent, Flathead Reservation, Mont. Photographed by H. T. Cory, September 1913 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519156,Local Identifier:75-N-FLA-49

28. Lone be affected by each other (Tar-lo), a Kiowa, dressed as an Osage boy with paint stripes top top forehead; full-length, seated. Photographed by wilhelm S. Soule, 1868-74 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518905,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-1409B

29. Navajo papoose ~ above a cradleboard v a lamb approaching, window Rock, Arizona. Photographed through H. Armstrong Roberts, ca. 1936 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519160,Local Identifier: 75-N-NAV-76


30. Contract signing by wilhelm T. Sherman and the Sioux at ft Laramie, Wyoming. Photographed by Alexander Gardner, 1868 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531079,Local Identifier: 111-SC-95986

31. Board of directors of Cheyenne and Arapaho at Seger Colony, Oklahoma, with an agent, 1900 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519188,Local Identifier: 75-SE-5

32. Delegates indigenous 34 tribes in prior of Creek council House, Indian region (Oklahoma), ca. 1880 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519141,Local Identifier: 75-IP-1-49

33. Board of directors of Sioux chiefs and also leaders that cleared up the Indian wars, pine Ridge, southern Dakota. Photographed by john C. H. Grabill, 1891 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier:530889,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85684



Original Caption: Jesse Cornplanter, descendant that Cornplanter, the famous Seneca chief, make a ceremonial mask, Tonawanda neighborhood House, Tonawanda, new York. Local Identifier: 75-N-NEW-50, national discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519161.

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34. Jesse Cornplanter, descendant of Cornplanter, the famed Seneca chief, making a ceremonial mask, Tonawanda ar House, Tonawanda, N.Y. Photographed by Helen Post, 1940 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier:519161,Local Identifier:75-N-NEW-50

35. Kidd Smith, Seneca carver, at work-related in the Tonawanda ar House. Photographed by Helen Post, 1940 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519162,Local Identifier: 75-N-NEW-52

36. Salvadora Valensuelo, a Mission woman, do lace, Pala Mission, Calif. Photographed by Walter D. Wilcox, 1936 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519157,Local Identifier: 75-N-MISS-60

37. Navajo silversmith with instances of his work and tools. Photographed by Ben Wittick, ca. 1880 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518913,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-2421B-6


38. Arapaho Ghost Dance. Artwork by mar Irvin Wright, ca. 1900, based on photographs through James Mooney . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530915,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87767

39. Eskimo run orchestra, consisting of drumheads do from whale stomachs, allude Barrow, Alaska. Photographed through Stanley Morgan, 1935 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier:531119,Local Identifier: 111-SC-103683

40. Hopi women"s dance, Oraibi, Ariz. Photographed by man K. Hillers, 1879 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 542441,Local Identifier: 391-JKH-6

41. Buffalo run of the Mandans. Artwork by karl Bodmer, 1833-34 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530978,Local Identifier: 111-SC-92847

42. Medicine guy Charlie Turquoise (third indigenous right) leader a group of Navajo dancers, fort Wingate, N. Mex. U.S. Military Signal Corps photograph, 1941 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531134,Local Identifier:111-SC-126917

43. Sioux sun dance. Artwork by Jules Tavernier and Paul Frenzeny, 1874 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530871,Local Identifier: 111-SC-83156

44. Huge Foot"s band of Miniconjou Sioux in costume at a dance, Cheyenne River, S. Dak. Photographed by man C. H. Grabill, august 9, 1890 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier:530888,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85682

45. Masking "Mud Heads" all set to dance; spectators seated on the top walls, Zuni Pueblo, N. Mex. Photographed by john K. Hillers, 1879 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523802,Local Identifier: 106-IN-2384FB

Delegations in Washington, D.C.

46. Flathead delegation of six and also an interpreter. Photographed through C. M. Bell, 1884 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523866,Local Identifier: 106-INE-31

47. Mandan and Arikara delegation. Six Indians with 3 escorts, 1874 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523669,Local Identifier: 106-IN-204

48. Oto delegation of five wearing claw necklaces and also fur turbans. Photographed by john K. Hillers, January 1881 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523831,Local Identifier:106-IN-3881B

49. Red Cloud delegation. Left come right: Red Dog, small Wound, man Bridgeman (interpreter), Red Cloud, American Horse, and also Red Shirt. Oglala Sioux, prior to 1876 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523664,Local Identifier: 106-IN-200

50. Big delegation with numerous agents or various other officials on the White residence grounds. Mathew Brady collection photograph, prior to 1877 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier:528748,Local Identifier: 111-B-4628

Female Costumes


Original Caption: Apache bride. Regional Identifier: 111-SC-85779, nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530903.

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51. Apache bride . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530903,Local Identifier:111-SC-85779

52. Eskimo mother and child in furs, Nome, Alaska; bust-length, with child on back. Photographed through H. G. Kaiser, ca. 1915 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520078,Local Identifier: 126-ARA-2-235

53. Havasupai girl put on beads and cape; half-length, seated. Photographed by Henry Peabody, ca. 1900 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520078,Local Identifier: 79-HPS-6-1680

54. Hopi woman dressing hair the unmarried girl. Photographed by Henry Peabody, ca. 1900 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520082,Local Identifier: 79-HPS-6-3274

55. Two Tlingit girls, Tsacotna and Natsanitna, put on noserings, close to Cooper River, Alaska. Miles Brothers photograph, 1903 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 524404,Local Identifier: 111-AG-63

56. Two Wichita girls in summer dress. Photographed by william S. Soule, 1870 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520081,Local Identifier: 79-HPS-6-3218


57. Indians in north Carolina fishing through traps, spears, and nets. Artwork by john White, 1885 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 535743,Local Identifier:208-LU-25I-4

58. Johnnie Saux, a Quinaielt, stop a dog salmon, Taholah, Washington. Photographed by Walter D. Wilcox, 1936 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519172,Local Identifier: 75-N-TAH-21

59. A Seminole spearing a garfish native a dugout, Florida, ca. 1930 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519169,Local Identifier: 75-N-SEM-47

60. A skate from the Swinomish lack fishtrap, Tulalip Indian Agency, Washington. Photographed by Andrew T. Kelley, 1938 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519174,Local Identifier:75-N-TUL-14

Food Preparation

61. Arapaho camp through buffalo meat dry near fort Dodge, Kansas. Photographed by wilhelm S. Soule, 1870 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518892,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-48c

62. Salmon drying. Aleut village, Old Harbor, Alaska. Photographed by N. B. Miller, 1889 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 513089,Local Identifier: 22-FA-264

63. Paiute woman grinding seeds in doorway that thatched hut, tiny boy in foreground. Photographed by john K. Hillers, 1872 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517728,Local Identifier: 57-PE-7

64. Two Seminole women cooking cane syrup, Seminole Indian Agency, Florida. Photographed by Gardin, 1941 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519171,Local Identifier: 75-N-SEM-70

65. 2 Taos females baking bread in exterior oven, brand-new Mexico. Photographed through H. T Cory, 1916 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519166,Local Identifier: 75-N-PU-106

Games and Recreation

66. Paiute youngsters playing game referred to as wolf and also deer, northern Arizona. Photographed by john K. Hillers, October 1872 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517729,Local Identifier: 57-PE-19

67. 4 Nuaguntit Paiutes gambling, southwestern Nevada. Photographed by john K. Hillers, 1873 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517732,Local Identifier: 57-PE-71

68. Teton Sioux horseraces in prior of ft Pierre, south Dakota. Artwork by karl Bodmer, 1833-34 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530972,Local Identifier:111-SC-92837


Original Caption: Eskimo group. Regional Identifier: 106-IN-3106B, nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523820.

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69. Eskimo team of 11 men, women, and children dressed in fur, harbor Clarence, Alaska. Photographed by wilhelm Dinwiddie, 1894 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523820,Local Identifier: 106-IN-3106B

70. Knik chief Nikaly and family close to Anchorage, Alaska. Photographed by H. G. Kaiser, ca. 1910 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 532338,Local Identifier: 126-ARA-2-231

71. Man and woman that Laguna Pueblo, new Mexico. Photographed through Ben Wittick . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530898,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85752

72. Winema or Tobey Riddle, a Modoc, standing between an agent and her husband candid (on she left), with 4 Modoc ladies in front. Photographed by Eadweard Muybridge, 1873 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 533247,Local Identifier: 165-MM-1624

73. Shoshoni at ft Washakie, Wyoming. Last photo of cook Washakie, that is top top the excessive left, standing and pointing, 1892 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530919,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87800

74. 2 Tlingit women v several children near the Kotsina River, Alaska. Miles Brothers photograph, 1902 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 524407,Local Identifier: 111-AG-73


Original Caption: Bannack indians. Local Identifier: 57-HS-996, nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517491.

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75. Apache rancheria through two guys holding rifles. Photographed through Camillus S. Paris . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530902,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85775

76. Household of Bannocks in former of a grass tent, Idaho. Photographed by wilhelm H. Jackson, 1872 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517491,Local Identifier: 57-HS-996

77. Summer skin tent v an old Eskimo mrs in foreground, point Barrow, Alaska. Photographed by Stanley Morgan, 1935 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531122,Local Identifier: 111-SC-103716

78. Supai Charlie standing in prior of his ha-wa, Havasu Canyon. Photographed by Henry Peabody, ca. 1900 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 520079,Local Identifier: 79-HPS-6-1685

79. Dancers" Rock, Walpi, Arizona, part of a Hopi pueblo; picturing three Hopi people, ladders, and also utensils. Photographed by john K. Hillers, 1879 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 542440,Local Identifier: 391-JKH-3

80. A Kickapoo wickiup, Sac and also Fox Agency, Okla., ca. 1880 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519144,Local Identifier: 75-IP-3-4

81. Internal of a Navajo hogan top top a brand-new Mexico reservation. Photographed by D. Griffiths, September 13, 1903 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 521045,Local Identifier: 83-FB-2035

82. Joseph Matthews, Osage board of directors member, author, historian, and Rhodes scholar, seated at residence in prior of his fireplace, Oklahoma. Photographed by Andrew T. Kelley, December 16, 1937 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519163,Local Identifier: 75-N-OS-51

83. The Arrow an equipment and his daughter, Kaivavit Paiutes, in prior of their home, north Arizona. Photographed by Clement Powell, October 4, 1872 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517726,Local Identifier: 57-PE-1

84. Pawnee lodges in ~ Loup, Nebraska, through a family standing in prior of a lodge entrance. Photographed by william H. Jackson, 1873 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523836,Local Identifier: 106-INE-3

85. Gabe Gobin, an Indian logger, in prior of his home. Tulalip Reservation, Washington. Photographed through Lee Muck, 1916 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518929,Local Identifier: 75-FA-TUL-2

86. Little big Mouth, a medication man, sit in front of his lodge near fort Sill, Oklahoma, with medicine bag clearly shows from behind the tent. Photographed by wilhelm S. Soule, 1869-70 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518908,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-1448D


87. Blackfoot indians chasing buffalo, three Buttes, Montana. Artwork by john M. Stanley, 1853-55 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531080,Local Identifier: 111-SC-96033

88. Eskimos harpooning a whale, point Barrow, Alaska. Photographed by Stanley Morgan, 1935 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531123,Local Identifier: 111-SC-103737

89. One Uainuint Paiute aiming a rifle, southwestern Utah. Photographed by john K. Hillers, 1873 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 517730,Local Identifier: 57-PE-42

Individual Portraits

Original Caption: Lone Wolfe (Guipago), a Kiowa chief; half-length, seated. Local Identifier: 75-BAE-1382A-3, national discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518903.

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90. Large Foot (Sitanka), a Miniconjou Sioux of Cheyenne flow Reservation, southern Dakota; half-length, seated, wearing white shirt . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530916,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87772

91. Huge Soldier (Wahktageli), a Dakota chief; full-length, standing. Artwork by knife Bodmer, might 1833 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530975,Local Identifier: 111-SC-92843

92. Black Beaver, a Delaware born in Illinois in 1808; half-length. Photographed through Alexander Gardner, 1872 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519122,Local Identifier: 75-ID-118A

93. Captain Jack (Kintpuash), a Modoc subchief, executed October 3, 1873; bust-length, full-face. Photographed by Louis Heller, 1873 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 533242,Local Identifier: 165-MH-404

94. Raven King, a Hunkpapa Sioux; half-length, wearing component of a major"s uniform. Photographed through David F.Barry at ft Buford, north Dakota, ca. 1881 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530814,Local Identifier:111-SC-82525

95. Curley bear (Car-io-scuse), a Blackfoot (Siksika) chief; half-length, dressed in ermines. Photographed by DeLancey Gill, 1903 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523598,Local Identifier: 106-IN-37

96. Dull Knife (Tah-me-la-pash-me), chef of north Cheyennes at battle of little Bighorn; full-length, seated. Halftone of photograph . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530912,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87732

97. Fisher, McKinley, a Chemehuevi employed by the Indian service at Colorado Agency, Arizona; bust-length, full-face. Photographed by Bennett Thayer, 1957 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519154,Local Identifier: 75-N-CO-2078

98. Four Bears (Mato-Tope), a Mandan chief; full- length, standing, hold lance and wearing a painted and quilled shirt. Artwork by knife Bodmer, 1833-34 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530980,Local Identifier: 111-SC-92849

99. Bile (Pizi, Gaul), a Hunkpapa Sioux; three-quarter- length, seated. Hold bow and arrow, ft Buford, north Dakota. Photographed through David F. Barry, 1881 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530833,Local Identifier: 111-SC-82572

100. George Washington (Sho-e-tat, tiny Boy), a Caddo born in Louisiana in 1816; half-length, full-face. Photographed by Alexander Gardner, 1872 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519106,Local Identifier: 75-ID-110A

101. Geronimo (Goyathlay), a Chiricahua Apache; full-length, kneeling with rifle. Photographed by Ben Wittick, 1887 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530880,Local Identifier: 111-SC-83726

102. Joseph (Hinmaton-Yalatkit), Nez Perce"chief; full- length, standing. Photographed by wilhelm H. Jackson, prior to 1877 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 523670,Local Identifier: 106-IN-205

103. Kicking Bird (Tene"-angp6te), a Kiowa chief and also grandson of a crow captive;three-quarter-length, seated. Photographed by wilhelm S. Soule, 1868-74 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518902,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-1381A

104. Little Raven (Hosa, Young Crow), Head cook of the Arapaho; three-quarter-length, seated. Photographed by william S. Soule, 1868-74 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518894,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-148B

105. Lone Wolfe (Guipago), a Kiowa chief; half-length, seated. Photographed by wilhelm S. Soule, 1868-74 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518903,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-1382A-3

106. Feather Glass, a Nez Perce" chief, top top horseback in front of a tepee. Photograph, 1877 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530914,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87744

107. Manuelito, a Navajo chief; full-length, seated. Artwork through E. A. Burbank . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519158,Local Identifier: 75-N-NAV-A28

108. Milky way (Asa Havi, Bird Chief), a Penateka Comanche; half-length, seated, stop bow. Photographed by Alexander Gardner, 1872 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519065,Local Identifier: 75-ID-84

109. Miner, Cpl. George, a Winnebago native Tomah, Wisconsin; standing, v rifle, on guard duty, Niederahren, Germany. Photographed by Lt. Nathaniel L. Dewell, U.S. Military Signal Corps, January 2, 1919 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530786,Local Identifier: 111-SC-48488

110. Nana (Nanay), a Chiricahua Apache subchief; full- length, seated. Photographed through Ben Wittick, ca. 1886 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530800,Local Identifier: 111-SC-82369

111. Oseola (As-se-he-ho-lor, black Drink), a Seminole; bust-length. Artwork by George Catlin, ca. 1837 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530983,Local Identifier: 111-SC-93123

112. Ouray (the Arrow), a southern Ute chief; bust-length. Artwork . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530849,Local Identifier: 111-SC-82602

113. Pacer (Peso, Essa-queta), a Kiowa-Apache chief; half-length, seated, put on earrings. Photographed by wilhelm S. Soule, 1868-74 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518914,Local Identifier: 75-BAE-2581a

114. Paliwahtiwa, governor of Zuni; full-length, seated. Photographed by Ben Wittick . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530901,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85763

115. Poison, a Cheyenne woman almost 100 year old; full-length, seated, 1888 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530905,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87328

116. Quanah Parker, a Kwahadi Comanche chief; full-length, standing in prior of tent. Photographed through Lanney . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530911,Local Identifier: 111-SC-87722

117. Rain-in-the-Face, a Hunkpapa Sioux; bust-length, full-face, put on feathered headdress. National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530895,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85725

118. Red Cloud (Maqpeya-luta), chief of the Oglala Sioux; full-length, seated, hold cane . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530816,Local Identifier: 111-SC-82537

119. Red Tomahawk, a Yanktonai Sioux policeman in ~ Standing rock Reservation that may have fired the shoot that killed Sitting Bull; bust-length, wearing hat. Photo taken at ft Yates, phibìc Dakota, 1897 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 531111,Local Identifier: 111-SC-100552

120. Rocky young (Stone Child), a Chippewa chief; three-quarter length, standing, pull in ornate costume . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519181,Local Identifier: 75-RA-2-2

121. Scar-faced Charley (Chikchikam Lupatkue-latko), a Modoc; bust-length. Photographed by Louis Heller, 1873 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 533243,Local Identifier:165-MH-410

122. Sharp nose (Ta-qua-wi), a northern Arapaho chief; bust-length, full-face, wearing U.S. Military captain"s bars, 1884 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530817,Local Identifier: 111-SC-82539A

123. Sitting Bear (Satank, Set-angya), a Kiowa chief; half-length, seated. Photographed by william S. Soule, 1868-74 . Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518900,Local Identifier:75-BAE-1375

124. Sit Bull (Tatonka-I-Yatanka), a Hunkpapa Sioux. Photographed through David F.Barry, ca. 1885 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 530896,Local Identifier: 111-SC-85728

125. Spotted Tail (Tshin-tah-las-Kah), a Brule Sioux chief; half-length, seated, profile. Photographed by Alexander Gardner, 1872 . National discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 518969,Local Identifier: 75-ID-27

126. Thorpe, James (Jim) Francis (1882-1953), Sauk and also Fox from Oklahoma and a famed athlete; full-length, standing, in football uniform that Carlisle Indian School, Pennsylvania, ca. 1909. Nationwide discoverhotmail.com Identifier: 519348, neighborhood Identifier: 75-X-2