The an initial audio product from Sentey we looked in ~ blew us away together a cheap underdog, yet can the arches live up to the hype?

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We"ve likewise been listed with a Sentey arches digital 7.1 headset to review, comes in in ~ $79.99 with totally free shipping. Have the right to this product live up to the hype of its smaller sibling Symph? review on to uncover out.

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Also offering you through 7.1 Digital sound together seen with the Symph, this product offers "noise cancelling surround sound deliciousness".

Sentey has detailed a 6.5FT braided and also thick USB 2.0 cable for connection to aid push the end the impedance that 32 Ohms and a frequency response of 20 ~ 20KHz. The ear cups room made of artificial leather and the headband is flexible through the broadening bridge design, alongside an in-line manage box being listed for volume and microphone control.

The microphone itself has actually a red LED top top the tip, includes own sensitivity of -36 +- 3dB and nominal impedance that 2.2 kO which all runs with the USB computer input.

Pricing & Availability

Coming in in ~ a mid-range gaming headset price allude of $79.99 once priced ~ above Amazon, this fairly unknown brand has actually a lot an ext to answer for once asking because that this sort of cost from consumers. We"ll it is in comparing it v similarly-priced components like the Tt eSPORTS Dracco Captain.

What"s in the box?

Featuring a simplistic package of the product itself and also a user manual, unfortunately no carry bag has been noted with this device. It"s additionally devoid that the awesome Velcro cable tie that we saw through the Sentey Symph and seeing as it"s over twin the price, this confuses us a little.

The driver mini-CD is when again recommended if you"re parenting a slow link as Sentey vehicle drivers are between 50-100MB in size. If girlfriend don"t have actually a CD drive, it"s not a enormous ask as Dota2 frequently releases spot bigger than this.

PRICING: you can discover the Sentey arcs for sale below. The prices provided are precious at the moment of writing however can readjust at any type of time. Click the connect to see the very latest pricing for the finest deal.

United States: The Sentey arches retails because that $39.99 in ~ Amazon.

Australia: find other tech and also computer products like this end at PLE Computer"s website.

A Closer look at & hear Experience

Let"s destruction deeper

The building of this headset is certainly much an ext solid 보다 the previously-reviewed Symph, however still doesn"t rather rival the sturdy feel of the Tt eSPORTS Dracco Captain.

The main benefit of this headset is the it doesn"t clamp strict on your head, even from the beginning. 4 hour Dota2 gaming sessions reported back no uncomfortable whatsoever, however, the lack of passive noise cancelling as result of a lighter and also thinner frame did disrupt me a little.

As stated previously in the Sentey Symph review, the reality that it has leather ear cup is a major plus. Leather in mine opinion is much better as it provides an ext comfort, is less complicated to clean and also can much better withstand the check of time. There"s nothing worse than sweating into a towel sponge because that years, conversely, a basic wipe with a damp cloth all end will see the headband and also ear cups cleaned completely.

The microphone in Skype and also Mumble sounds as good as or even better than mine Kingston HyperX Cloud II headset (worth over $100) and is a slight advancement on the Sentey Symph model. However, the red LED on the tip of this microphone is incredibly annoying and I capture it in the corner of mine eye quite frequently when not gaming - meaning that when full concentration isn"t on your screen, it"s likely to cause issues.

As because that improvements, I"d love to view slightly softer and thicker (see: plush) ear cups to help administer some much more passive noise cancelling and also complete removal of the microphone LED - the looks tacky and devalues any headset.

A Dota2 analysis

I can"t get sufficient of Dota2 right now. I"ve played around five games with this headset "in-hand" and I should say the experience has actually been quite great - it"s no $29.99 shocker as seen with the Symph, however the $79.99 price sign is definitely extremely reasonable because that the sound output.

The meaty whacks of heart Breakers" auto attacks and also roar-to-slam that his ultimate capacity resonates well, together the meaty sound of Tidehunters" substantial ravage ultimate ability.

When to compare this headset come something more highly rated like the Kingston HyperX Cloud II, the clarity is doing not have a little, however, the bass isn"t as well overpowering for the most part and it"s quite well balanced.

There is one major niggling truth that ns must lug up, though. When you"re getting smashed by hefty bass like as soon as my friend chose it was a good idea come play Dota2 as soon as on Skype and while utilizing speakers, the bass will vibrate the headset heavily because of the in-build vibration unit as pointed out on the outside of the frame.

Don"t stop the music

Music is around me 24/7 and I"ll be using the same songs as checked out in previous reviews to carry out a similar comparison throughout all different offerings. There"s miscellaneous special around pumping your favorite melody in the background, while slaying noobs in various games, and also below is my suffer whilst doing so.

Listening in come Pink Floyd"s "Shine ~ above You stunner Diamond" reports earlier a much better experience 보다 expected. The clarity carefully matches mine previously-reviewed HyperX Cloud i headset, but it"s clear not rather the same.

Skipping come a totally different genre that music and also listening come "Ayy Ladies" by Travis porter and Tyga increase loud once again produces the vibrating headset feature. Some civilization might reap this, don"t acquire me wrong, but the mostly right-sided vibration of the cone on my ear is quite annoying come me and included to this my ears are quite small, meaning that those with larger ears will have additional issues.

If you"re trying to find a vibrating experience favor my vehicle with twin-10" below woofers this headset is great, otherwise if you"re wanting a vibration-free experience, you have to to command clear.

What"s Hot, What"s no & final Thoughts

What"s Hot

Comfort in the long run: as result of the contempt cheap build, you"re walking to it is in comfortable for hrs on end.

Easy to clean: Sentey has actually used animal leather in the Arches" ear cups and expanding leg headband, an interpretation a quick wipe with a damp towel will save your headset smelling nice and looking clean.

The price: It"s fairly priced in the middle variety at $79.99.

What"s Not

A little fragile: together mentioned, this headset is a tiny cheap in construction, treat the nice, keep it clean and also you"ll come out a winner - those through gamer rage must steer clear.

Treble clarity: Seen v basically even single gaming headset the isn"t through Audio-Technica, Sennheiser or HyperX, the clarity in treble is simply not really there. It"s close, however no cigar.

The microphone LED: I"m considering coloring it in with a black marker or spanning it in difficult tape. It"s annoying.

Final Thoughts

Reasonably priced, great sound however with some little annoying niggling worries basically sums up this product. Sentey has actually proven to me that they deserve to make a competitively featured and also priced headset product in the market, therefore here"s hoping your marketing takes off and more gamers begin adopting this brand.

If you"re a fan of USB-connected devices, i recommend you take a look in ~ this product for her own personal collection, just be certain that you"re aware of the bass-vibration and also annoying red LED issue.

PRICING: girlfriend can find the Sentey arches for revenue below. The prices listed are valid at the time of writing but can adjust at any type of time. Click the link to check out the really latest pricing because that the best deal.

United States: The Sentey arcs retails because that $39.99 in ~ Amazon.

Performance (audio quality)75%
Quality including Design and Build70%
General Features80%
Bundle and also Packaging70%
Value for Money80%

The Bottom Line: Sentey has proven the they can contend with huge name brands in the gaming headset scene, and also with a couple of small improvements, they"re destined for greatness.

PRICING: girlfriend can uncover products comparable to this one for sale below.

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