Shop-Vac®Industrial & Contractor collection Wet dry Vacs

Equipped with 18 foot strength cord, tank drain, and easy role casters. Behind blower harbor converts vacuum come a blower.

Backed through 1 year industrial warranty.

Accessories Included:

Filters Included:

Assembled in the U.S.A. Of U.S. And global components.

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Cord Length: 18 FeetHose Size: 1.5" DiameterWarranty: 1 YearTank DrainLock-On® HoseBlower FeatureOnboard Accessory warehouse


filter Ultra-Web® Cartridge Filter (90350 form X) Foam Sleeve (90585 kind R) 10-14 Gallon* High performance Disposable Filter Bag (90672 type I)


Airflow, Max

95 CFM

Sealed Pressure

59 inch

Electrical Ratings

120V~ 60Hz 9 Amps

Peak wait Watts


speech Rating

**"Peak Horsepower" (PHP) is a term provided in the wet-dry vacuum industry for customer comparison purposes. The does not denote the operational speech of a wet-dry vacuum however rather the horsepower output of a motor, consisting of the motor’s inertial contribution, achieved in activities testing. In yes, really use, Shop-Vac electric motors do not run at the height horsepower shown.

CFM (Cubic Feet every Minute)

CFM is a measure up of the quantity of air moved by the vacuum motor at a details system load, such together 2-1/2" orifice. Your actual system pack is established by the type, size and length the the water tap used, the accessory device used and the filter device used. A dirty filter system can drastically impact the suction and also air flow. The filters must be cleaned regularly and replaced as crucial to avoid reduced suction and air flow.

SP (Sealed Pressure)

Suction press represents how much up a glass pipe a vacuum motor will lift a obelisk of water. This role is measured in inches. Preferably suction push or sealed water lift is derived at zero air flow. Suction pressure decreases as air flow increases.

Vacuum performance

Vacuum power or air power is the price of occupational performed by a vacuum cleaner. Air power is a duty of suction and air flow at an operation point. Air strength is lessened by dirty filters, leaks and also attachments used.

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pick what best fits her need. select what finest fits her need... A filter because that my vac. A vac for usage in mine business. A vac come clean mine car. A vac to use in mine workshop. A way to dry my wet basement. A way to minimize my allergies. A way to clean out my gutters. A means to punch up waiting mattresses, swimming pool toys, etc. A way to clean out my drains. A means to cool mine workshop, barn or garage. A tiny vac. A vac to use in my home. Ideal Shop-Vac® Wet dry Vacs.
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†Vacuums comprise the SVX2® Motor an innovation have much more power and longer motor life when contrasted to a vacuum comprise a standard Shop-Vac® engine of equal optimal HP.

‡Not all features available on all models. View product details.

Performance readings listed are done by Shop•Vac® lab method, or ASTM check method. View product details for every specifications.

Specifications subject to readjust without notice.

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*Tank capacity describes actual tank volume, and also does no reflect capacity accessible during operation.

**"Peak Horsepower" (PHP) is a term used in the wet-dry vacuum market for consumer comparison purposes. The does not represent the operational horsepower of a wet-dry vacuum but rather the horsepower calculation of a motor, including the motor’s inertial contribution, accomplished in activities testing. In really use, Shop-Vac® motors do not operate at the peak horsepower shown.