The 2016 game contains remade version of part vintage levels from Doom and Doom 2, activated by levers. Here"s how to access every one.

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Like Wolfenstein before it, death 2016 has actually a an especially lavish type of Easter egg: classic levels from the original Doom and Doom 2, recreated in the new engine in all their original low-resolution-texture, low-poly glory. They"re a most nostalgic fun to explore, and also there space no less than 13 - one in every level that the new game.

To unlock a standard level, you require to very first find a surprise lever and also pull it. A chime will sound and also a door, hidden in other places in the level, will open, resulting in retro game heaven. We"ve got the locations of both the levers and also doors below.

If you"re interested in other covert things, our death secrets and collectibles guide can help.

Doom - classic level locations

Level 1: The UAC

Lever: After opened the blue gate and down the route to the left, save to the left and down below you you"ll view the top of a yellow cylindrical framework with a fan inside. Drop down below it, enter the space in the fenced-off area surrounding it and also pull the lever.Door: from the lever, head appropriate to uncover the door.

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Level 2: source Operations

Lever: ~ restoring power and also dropping come the reduced level, monitor the walkway round till you uncover two large crates. Clean the area that enemies and also then climb onto the crates, up onto the narrow walkway above (where the armor pickup is) and make your method along it till you"re close to the huge screen. Was standing on the left handrail and also jump up to a small ledge, then climb up to find the lever.Door: The an enig area is directly listed below you, for this reason drop earlier down the means you came and head under the screen to uncover it.

Level 3: Foundry

Lever: from your starting position, run the space to your left, cross the bridge, revolve right, and head halfway along the next bridge. On the left is a square platform, and also the bar is ~ above the leaf closest come the lava flowing down.Door: from the lever, carry on across the bridge and also the door will have opened behind the tiny lava flow.

Level 4: Argent Facility

Lever: Head increase the steep from the rune trial, and the bar is behind part barrels at the near end of the communication to her left.Door: The door is ~ above the best side that the room v the pentagram top top the floor soon after pulling the lever.

Level 5: Argent power Tower

Lever: After one of the arena fights in the tower you"ll ride some cargo drones up to the following area. Find the one through the blue lights and also the bar is in ~ the top of that journey.Door: ride the drone back down, gain off and wait because that it to head up again, and head right into its feet to uncover the door.

Level 6: Kadingir Sanctum

Lever: In the area whereby you first meet the Barons the Hell, there"s a dark tunnel ~ above the opposite next of the area from the exit, and also the bar is at the end of the tunnel.Door: from the lever, head in the direction of the exit. Before you get to the door, drop off the left that the rock bridge and also the standard door is underneath.Lever: after ~ exiting the lab, death the Cacodemon, and jumping throughout to an upper platform, check behind the cargo for the lever.Door: From the lever, drop under to the area v the pillar with a large number 1 on the to uncover the door.Lever: after ~ lowering the cargo forcefield, do your way round come the pipe but jump top top the ledge over it. Jump throughout the rocks to the left and onto the pipes, then drop under to the steel platform below.Door: make your way from the lever earlier to the previous gore swarm area, and the door is in the much wall.

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Lever: when you reach the circular room ~ activating the Helix Stone, turn best at the bottom the the stairs right into the first candle-filled enclosure, and also the lever is in the best hand corner.Door: Drop into the pit in the center of the room.

Level 10: Titan"s Realm

Lever: After opened the yellow gate and also clearing the room beyond, journey the load up and activate the skull switch. A mystery alcove include the bar will have actually opened to the best of where you entered.Door: Pulling the lever will re-open the i you gotten in through. Head increase the steps, revolve right, and then turn ideal again at the bottom of the steps right into the next room to discover the door.

Level 11: The Necropolis

Lever: after ~ grabbing the yellow skull, head for the alcove to the appropriate of the teleporter to uncover the lever amongst the flames.Door: twin back, and also it"s come the appropriate of the Argent Cell.

Level 12: Vega main Processing

Lever: In the storage room in Sector p Access, behind the crates the the upstream is leaning on.Door: after ~ pulling the lever, twin back, rotate right right into the maintenance corridor and also follow it come the much end.

Level 13: Argent D"Nur

Lever: take it the path opened up by the second mystery Skull Switch. The bar is simply ahead of girlfriend after you rise up a ledge in the passageway.Door: The door is automatically to your right after pulling the lever.

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