The Pop-Piano Method

Hack the Piano is the vital guide & backbone to all my lessons. Obtain this scriptures of Pop-Piano, discover to recognize the language the music and also express yourself similar to the pros, without sheets by chords, by ear, through heart.

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Chord Piano Formula


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I have to be honest: Christmas songs room -by default- cliché, sweeter then honey and more commercially-loaded then every the christmas-sales they provide with their ofter predictable, inspiration-lacking words and also melodies.

I love ’em.

Most the them no for music’s sake though. Almost any musician is disgusted v them, mainly for the above mentioned reasons. It’s not ‘music indigenous the heart’. F*** that.It’s true, many of the times, yet still… i love em.

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Just together I despise the reality that Christmas itself is nothing an ext than a commercial viral outbreak of ‘buy, buy, buy or you’ll die’, I execute love Christmas itself, too.

So many an excellent old memories, nostalgia, warmth and on top of that: I finally get come see numerous of mine ‘not-to-many-visits-again-this-year’ household members again. Of food I likewise get come practice one of my other large hobbies: we eat.