In the real world, Heterochromia describes the condition when a person has two various eye colours; similarly, in Sims 4 heterochromia, the feature permits you to use the very same appearance to her character. The Heterochromia in Sims 4 is the dreamy eyes, which is made to, at a time, overlap one eye. To placed into easier words, you must have the base level of your eyes used with the same set and texture. In enhancement to that, if both left and right eye meshes are used at the same time, the eye would have actually the very same texture, and you could not acquire the preferred result.

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Compatibility Note: The skin information versions still use the ring structure space, and also therefore can’t be provided with rings.

Also, if you have actually never supplied a heterochromia eye mesh before, castle made come sit end the optimal of one eye at a time. Definition you will require your base eye (defaults, non-defaults) to it is in the same set/texture. This is why I’ve connected the original collection It also means that if you try to use both the left eye mesh and the ideal eye mesh in ~ the exact same time, the texture will be the same and also the color will readjust for both of castle simultaneously instead of giving the preferred effect. Use only one side!

Sims 4 Heterochromia eyes

Important things to store in mental in Sims 4 Heterochromia eyes:

Be careful around the version of the mode (which room V1 and also V2) you download. There space two types of version of the mode available: V1 and also V2.The accessibility of the mod is applicable to masculine & female, people and, toddlers come elders. In addition to that, the Rings classification contains every the Maxis match Colours.

Note: The mod’s skin detail structure can not be adopted with the rings because it supplies the ring structure spaces.


Down below, ns list down some details ~ above Yahline eye 2.0: 

It is the Sims 4 heterochromia eye maxis match.Provides base video game compatibility. Adds one an ext option: Heterochromia, Default and also Non-default.It gives you the choice of 30 Swatches, including custom colours of around 12 and also 18 EA defaults.A shadowed scelera is additionally present.All the genders and also age-groups can access it.Stored and found in the skin information category.Enabled because that random.Recolouring is allowed. 

Multiple eye Set

Set 1: Heterochromia Set

The set includes: earth Eyes N98 NON-DEFAULT + HETEROCHROMIA:

25 colours in eye colour category, under facepaint because that male-female sims from toddler to elder.

Galdin eye N137 NON-DEFAULT + Heterochromia:

Eyes in 30 colour in eye colour category, under facepaint for male-female sims from toddler come elder.

Euphoria eyes N149 NON-DEFAULT + HETEROCHROMIA Publi:

Eyes in 40 colour in eye colour category, under facepaint for male-female sims indigenous toddler come elder.


Eyes in 45 colours in eye colour category, under facepaint for male-female sims indigenous toddler to elder.

Note: Bracelet room conflicts with eye texture, stop using bracelets along with the eyes.

Click right here For Heterochromia Set

To get rid of the shine, facepaint option has actually been removed once they space being used with the defaults and non-defaults through a specular map.


18 ColorsHQ has actually been made compatible for photos taken without HQ mod4 Options provided down below with the download linksFacepaint and Heterochromia Versions have custom thumbnailsApplicable to every GendersApplicable indigenous Toddlers to Elders

Note: Look for heterochromia eyes under the Skin Detail. They room using the exact same texturespace therefore they will dispute with the bracelets. Use them with any type of of the other three options of the continuous eyes, to incorporate the colours.

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The Sims 4 is a wonderful game that allows you to customize her player follow to your own liking to the degree of the same, similar thing your desired Heterochromia. The Sims 4 Heterochromia is a small hefty procedure but worth the time for that adds a entirely different look to your Sim.