Ski Mask, frequently referred to as The Slump Gold, is the call Afro-American lab singer. This young boy damaged all the success records as soon as his tune ‘Catch Me Outside’ to be posted come SoundCloud. This number has actually been played countless times on the internet’s favorite sound stream, Sound Cloud.

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This amazing boy is famed for his fast-paced happy rap and also exclusive personality. He has been controlled to create so many an excellent numbers such as ‘Kate Moss’, ‘New world Order’, I prefer Bricks’, ‘Life is Short’, ‘Where is The Blow’, and ‘Take A action Back’. All these good hits lugged a great revolution in the rap music industry. He drew attention of other rap stars and received respect because that his work. All these hits made him very popular throughout the unified States.

Ski Mask the Slump God

His main music career took a start in 2015 once he post his an initial song to internet. People showed an excellent interest in his debut single, and also soon he started to seize attention with his attractive lyrics and also tunes. Not just one, however many song from Ski Mask have gained millions of theatre on large websites choose Sound Cloud. Critics were sure that this male will soon go into the tendency music industry.


Ski Mask ‘The Slump God’ was born ~ above April 18, 1996 in Florida (Broward). That belongs to Afro-American and Jamaican ancestry. The young star had actually to go through hard times native the beginning of his life. He opened his eyes in a home where his father was no present. Her mother was already tacking through a many of worries in she life. Now, she had actually to advanced a tiny kid without any type of financial support from anyone. Ski’s father had actually some issues with his wife, for this reason he left her alone prior to the birth of Mask.

Ski Mask the Slump God

Ski’s whole family had to take trip from one location to an additional when the star was a little child. The young star spent many of his childhood in new Jersey, Brooklyn, and Atlanta. He got to learn a lot of new things from all these places. He likewise made girlfriend that helped him come the end of family members dilemma. Ski was smart enough to recognize people’s actions at different places. He also started to know musical taste that American world at a really young age. It is the factor why he developed amazing talent at very early age.

He prospered in recognize a solace place in music market as a kid. Indigenous the start of his career, he supplied to love rap songs from favorite stars such together Fifty Cent. He additionally liked to hear to huge names favor Missy Elliott, Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, and also Lil Wayne. He likewise spent times creating rhymes when his dad came back after a couple of years. So, he offered to compose rhymes in his teenage years.

Ski Mask the Slump God

Unfortunately, the star got arrested in 2014 when certain quantity that marijuana was found from his possession. ~ this incident, that was moved to youth detention facility in America.

Rap Career

Ski Mask, during his time in ~ the detention center, he tied the knot of friendship v Florida’s well known rapper XXXTentacion. This was the time as soon as the talented young explored his rapping talent. He decided to end up being a lab singer after ~ releasing from custody. After being released from retention, he produced his own rap team with the location ‘XXXTentacion’. Soon after development of the group, they began to bang in the rap industry. Local shows began to book them for entertainment purposes.

In the year 2015, Ski Mask officially stepped in the music industry with a striking professional start. His an initial professional track was posted on SoundCloud with the title ‘Catch Me Outside’. ~ seeing vast success for this single, Ski made decision to move on with an ext awesome tracks. This was the very same year when he released numerous other mixtapes and also singles prefer ‘Kate Moss’, and ‘I favor Bricks’. He went to several music tours v rappers Desiigner, Danny Towers, and also Wifisfuneral.

Mask’s music hits like ‘Life is short’ got an ext than 6 Million plays. His SoundCloud page has about 60 monitor with countless followers. Follow to the newly posted upgrade on social media, Ski has actually parted ways with the XXXTenacion. The reason behind this separation was the erratic actions from them.

Ski Mask the Slump God

Ski’s debut mixtape with the title ‘Drown in Designer’ was launched in the year 2016. Several of the SoundCloud access time were currently included in this an initial official album from Ski. His well known hit ‘BabyWipe’ was released in 2017. Job graph that the young rapper is advancing at a really rapid pace.

Personal Life

Ski Mask protested versus H & M (the famous garments giant) end a racist ad that they post in January 2018. That made a song against the advertisement the went controversial throughout the country.

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The young star has a most female pan from across the country. The lab star is reluctant to talk around his an individual life on society media or other similar platforms. According to part alleged reports, he made his girlfriend pregnant. However, the rapper has totally denied this news and also declared it nothing however a fake propaganda against his musical career.