Riften is claimed to be run by the theif Guild. I know it"s possible to join them. Currently I wonder if I additionally could lug them under as well. I do not typical killing all the NPCs, however I would certainly rather carry them under in a quest-line that its own.

I want to know if it"s feasible to bring them down, because if it"s not I would join them, also though i haven"t stolen anything yet, as I want a rather finish play-through. And also if it way selling this poor dark elf the end ... Fine ... You re welcome tell me it"s possible ;)

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Although there"s a way to carry down the Dark Brotherhood, there is no comparable quest or pursuit line to bring down the theif Guild.

On the other hand, there"s no disadvantages because that joining and completing the theif Guild pursuit line - only benefits, achievements, and also advantages!


There is a mod on Skyrim Nexus called WIP - ruin the thieves Guild. The writer has made far-ranging progress. He even has made a brand-new NPC for the No stone Unturned quest. I suggest you check it out. It likewise involves Maven, who you need to accuse she or her treachery.



As far as I recognize there is no way to lug them down. Girlfriend can pick not to join them "because it"s breaking the law" and the dude will tell girlfriend if you change your mind come come and also talk to him. So girlfriend don"t ever before have to join them in ~ least.


You deserve to drop the ring after stealing it to finish the quest yet avoid the dark elf from gift arrested, yet I agree, I sure would love to clean Riften from this rats :-(

I have gone in and went all out and also tried to death them. Girlfriend can"t kill any type of of them. You could deal enough damage to bring them to their knees, yet that"s it. Lock won"t die. Eventually, as you"re fighting turn off the others, the one the was downed will get ago up and rejoin the fight.

Someone keeps make the efforts to edit my answer - permit me speak - This is no training. They will kill you during this fight.

Training is other you get once friend join and you have the right to go on various kinds that errands that will raise specific skills.

They are crucial characters, an interpretation they can not be killed, unless it"s because that a quest. Similar to Cicero.

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