This looks like an interesting mod that balances the motion speed of the character and also huguy NComputers.

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Increases walking speed (roleplay-walk) by 25%Decrease run and sprint speeds by a tiny amount (7%)Correct multiple worths which were wrong in game (such as backwalking via one handed weapon being 0.6x the speed of backwalking through two handed weapon).Reduce sidewalk rate slightly. (Without this mod you backrun through speed of 205 and backrunsideaction with speed of 370. Very expensive and unrealistic distinction, backrunning and also backrunsidestepping being just as hard in irl. This fixes it.)

Modified activity speed values for Humanoid (Player and NPC).

Walk 80 -> 100Run 370 -> 340Sprint 500 -> 470Sneak walk 47 -> 60Sneak run 222 -> 190 (left & right 170)

I wonder what makes civilization recreate the wheel. There are like 2-3 mods that carry out exactly this currently...

Those mods were all no-goes. I"ve had actually this one open up in a tab for a while to check it out. Most of these forms of mods renders you feel "restricted" while moving. Basically, the activity does not match the animation. I remember trial and error one that made you "glide" to the ground while jumping off objects. A exceptionally odd feeling while playing.


Well, that"s not excellent. I was hoping it would certainly counter the backward walk and also backward sprint bereason these do seem to be a bit too fast. It seems as if my character run backwards about as rapid as the Draugr coming after me, and it simply does not seem organic.

Not saying this mod does that. I"m saying one of the "motion speed" mods I tested in the past did that. I haven"t tested this one yet.

I have actually Back-up Movement Speed Reduction and also it seems to work simply fine. I"m just perplexed why human being feel the urge to execute the same thing over and also over. It"s fine for textures, bereason formats are different, but something as basic as lowering worths for strafe speed or whatever, that just does not make feeling to execute aget.

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What 2-3 mods already make these exact changes? I have actually my own individual motion speed mod that I use, and prior to I developed it, I compared a variety of the accessible movement speed mods. Namong the ones I looked at made the precise exact same changes, and also I doubt that this one is precisely the very same as any type of of those. The balance and also feel is different among them, so they deserve to hardly be called the very same, and different ones will suit various players" preferences. 

You didn"t say anything about the mod itself though.


It"s possible that the author of this mod didn"t recognize around the other mods. And if he did possibly it wasn"t specifically what he wanted so he made his very own version. Nothing wrong via that.

That"s his personality. I have an associate at occupational that"s equivalent. Pessimistic, does not trust anyone till they"ve earned it, however a good employee nonethemuch less. She"s earned the name "negative Nancy" over time and she doesn"t even mind being called that. In fact, she indicators all her in-house interactions through "Negative Nancy" currently. Haha!

My personality is not about complaining about every little thing. I imply you both (all) sheight it best tright here.

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I"m sorry if my comment offfinished. It was from a great location. As I pointed out, that employee is actually an extremely excellent worker, as you aren"t really a negative guy.

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