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-H&K P30 9mmH&K P30SK 9mmWalther PPQ 9mmWalther PPS 9mmMauser HSc 7.65mmS&W version 1905 4th change .38 specialS&W model 10-8 .38 special
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Run part 158gr cast lead v it and also it must shoot to point of aim at 25yds. I"ll bet that you room pleased through the results.
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Can"t win a model 10 for fun and also reliability. I"ve had actually one because that 50 years and also picked increase a pair of much more along the way.Welcome to the forum!
Most of the wear appears to it is in from the holster, the boring is pretty clean and practically like new. I considered getting the re-blued, however decided I choose the character, mine wife said it looks choose an old west pistol lol thanks for the welcome, glad to it is in here. Will article some range reports as soon as I can.
-H&K P30 9mmH&K P30SK 9mmWalther PPQ 9mmWalther PPS 9mmMauser HSc 7.65mmS&W model 1905 4th change .38 specialS&W model 10-8 .38 special
Welcome come the forum. You will certainly love just how your 10-8 shoots. Mine is a 1981 made and has come to be one of my favourite shooters.
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Any import marks ~ above the gun, probably on the underside of the barrel? amazing grips. Ns picked increase a fine holster worn M&P favor yours and discovered it was shipped as a "Canadian Assembled Variation" to the "Smith & Wesson Canada Assembly Plant" in Mississauga, Canada un-assembled as a "parts" gun to be assembled & sold in Canada. After ~ a the majority of carrying & worn blue it was imported back into the U.S.. Internals in good shape and functions perfectly. Like yours, apparently brought a lot much more than fired.
A fairly big number of these to be brought back from Victoria Australia police organ a pair of year ago. The one ns bought came v Buds in Lexington, Ky. It was no import marked. My guess is the they to be not marked because they to be on lease or maybe trade ins ago to Smith and also Wesson, that then offered them within the US. Due to the fact that manufactured in ~ the USA and wholesaled by the manufacturer there might be a loophole that got rid of the should import mark. Mine came v the small optical scanning dot used for inventory in Australia. It had actually some holster complete wear, however was mechanically excellent. Looks like yours... These room wonderful shooters. Design 10-11 with hefty Barrel. An excellent solid gun with good balance. I changed out the grips top top mine, and also use it because that teaching:

Cheers! Marc - accipere facile, sed sumite! - take it easy, but take it!NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol; an individual Protection Inside and also Outside the Home; Rifle; Reloading: chef RSONC DOJ Concealed bring Instructor; Appointed Member phibìc Carolina Criminal Justice details Network
Nice design 10. Good guns. I"ll never ever sell mine. Ns have had actually it since the mid 80"s. Congrats on yours!
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Smith Wesson design 10 hefty barrel is the time-x-watch that the total world. Take away a licking and also keeps top top ticking. Top top the perform of the peak 10 firearms every made, girlfriend will uncover the blacksmith Wesson design 10.. Tough to beat it.. Congrats
welcome01to the court from SE Indiana. Among my house weapons is a design 10 that i picked up earlier in the 80"s...nothing not correct with honest wear and that pretty patina the comes with age. Here"s a pic. Be for sure my friends and also God bless. Dick

A 4" heavy barrel version 10 is a great all about .38 special.My first duty gun ago in 1968 to be a 4" pencil barrel design 10 and that"s once I fell in love v the S&W k-frame revolvers. My last version 10 to be a 2" round target that acquired traded out a few years ago. That was stormy on the external from being brought as a watercraft gun on a advertising fisherman in the Gulf that Mexico.I had actually it Cerakoted and also that could be an option for girlfriend if you decision to obtain your model 10 gussied up for a reasonable price.
And now I"m down to one k-frame and also that one will be handed down to family when ns pass.

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Model 65 aka "Maggie".
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