Thanksgiving is a time of overeating, household tension and also leaving your childhood bed as small as possible. “Saturday Night Live’s 2016 Thanksgiving Special” reminds united state of every that, plus various other sentiments that come with the holiday. It takes the common Thanksgiving problems and makes them weirder, more over-the-top and much funnier.

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The very first example of this comes about 20 minutes right into the special, v “Thanksgiving Guest.” Trey (Josh Hutcherson, “The Hunger Games”) returns home from college v his brand-new girlfriend, Elyse (Vanessa Bayer, “Saturday Night Live”). The family members — SNL cast members Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, Bobby Moynihan and also Beck Bennett – is excited to accomplish her, but there’s a catch: Elyse is a turkey. The blind-sided family finds this extremely awkward (rightfully so) given the truth that they have prepared Elyse’s next-door neighbor because that the main course. The sketch ultimately devolves right into Elyse breaking up v Trey and also running out on dinner.

Hopefully no one’s Thanksgiving dinner this year actually contained their family eating his or her new girlfriend’s next-door neighbor because that dinner. The absurdity that the sketch, however, highlights a genuine component the the holidays – introducing a far-ranging other to the family. That a scary concept, to lug someone new into an developed world. What if they don’t fit in?

Sometimes, the new addition come the family members fits in perfectly. The distinct reminds viewers the this too, with “The Bird Family.” The sketch is a visit earlier to what some might call the SNL glory work (late ’90s/early ’00s) when Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, chris Parnell and Rachel Dratch reigned supreme.

In “The Bird Family,” Ferrell and Gasteyer play the parental of a distinct family — parents who feed their youngsters like infant birds. This means exactly what the implies, that they chew food up in their very own mouths and then spit it into the mouths of their kids. Add a new girlfriend, Karen (Julianna Margulies, “The great Wife”), into the mix, and the map out is a recipe because that hilarity. Karen at some point embraces the bird feeding method and join the family for a uncomfortable, albeit enjoyable, Thanksgiving.

Family dynamics can be strange. Going home for the holidays can be difficult. However it doesn’t need to be. In fact, walk home can be the exact opposite. Because that some, being at the parent’s residence is usually the same as being a king or a queen.

At least that’s what “Back home Ballers” implies. The finest sketch that the night is the 2014 digital quick created and performed by the women of SNL. Dressed prefer they’re in a stereotypical lab video, the women (Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Sasheer Zamata, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Bayer and Leslie Jones) amount up how it feels to be residence for the holidays. The totally free food, aer conversations through neighbors, childhood art projects hung on the wall, PG household outings … it’s every there, in a delightful rap song.

Arguably the best part of the digital short is Leslie Jones’s bit around the miscellaneous bowls which deserve to be found at her mom’s house. Bowls of potato chips, potpourri, M&Ms, seashells, bowls for other bowls — gift a “back house baller” way something different to everyone, and also for Leslie Jones, it way a many of bowls.

Ironically, I write this write-up sitting on my couch at residence in mine childhood pajamas, through a gigantic bowl of potato chips while mine two sporting activities bras tumble gloriously in the laundry machine. A “back-home baller,” indeed.

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The “Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving distinct 2016” gives a much welcomed two-hour laugh during everyone’s favorite time the year. Offered the nature the the episode, it’s not an escape native the holidays, however rather an excuse to poke fun at and also satirize every possible aspect the it. Through over 42 periods of comedy, the annual Thanksgiving special takes “Saturday Night Live” ’s best, worst and also most questionable vacation sketches and throws them back into the fire.