So I gain on the ship, the mission doesn't update, and none the the enemies come to be hostile. Additionally the Sith Lord never ever spawns. The game likewise won't permit me reset the mission, therefore idk what to perform to cause it.

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Same issue for me. I submitted a ticket. It's the only Imperial course I regulated to gain through all 3 chapters and then woohoo, gained stuck at the end!

From what I have the right to tell on their forums world are grounding too. Damn.

Although ns noticed top top the log in display screen it claims I've perfect the bounty hunter story.

As I notice from the screenies, you can't even abandon the mission...The only thing I can think of is, leaving the area, right-click the char portrait and "Reset all energetic phases".This must reset even your personal ones, so perhaps that will do the trick.If not, well, simply put a ticket and also pray a proficient individual will certainly answer to it :S

Same problem for me. Some world say the watch him in the T junction in the protection Deck, however he isn't there because that me. Sigh, one more game breaking an insect for BH. Very first it was Torian, now this.

Hello SpankedEagle

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