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Squidward: Here, one of everything! No cheese, no crust, pickles come the left, four squirts of ketchup, wheat buns, no dairy lettuce, and farm-raised tomato carnival-style! and if there's anything rather I have the right to do, please hesitate to ask.

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SpongeBob: the was delicious! Money's ~ above the table, Mr. Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: for this reason long, boys! You see Squidward, the restaurant game is all about service. The customer is always right. Mental that, lad, and also you'll be as successful as me one day.

Squidward: Oh, you're right, Mr. Krabs. Ns learned my lesson. And by the way, bubble Buddy choose up the tab.

Mr. Krabs: What's this?

Squidward: balloon money. <$100 invoice pops. Squidward shows his hand full of balloon change> At the very least he left a tip!

SpongeBob: right here we are buddy, Goo Lagoon. There are several ways to have actually fun here.

Scooter: Dudes, bury me!

SpongeBob: see what ns mean?

Scooter: all right!

SpongeBob: bubble Buddy, you dig him the end while I obtain us some cotton candy>

Scooter: Don't just stand there dude, the tide's coming in. Dude?

SpongeBob: mine friend's in there.

Harold: Congratulations.

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SpongeBob: Woo! shower it! shake it! Yeah! Shake that bubble butt! Yeah!

Pearl: It's the world-famous surfer, Grubby Grouper!

Grubby Grouper: Later, groupies! Grubby's obtained to go record some gnarly pounders. Ahoo!!

Pearl: Oh, I'll never ever wash this flipper again.

SpongeBob: Hey Pearl! shake hands through Bubble Buddy! It's his first time ~ above his own.

Harold: once again, congratulations.

Man: Popcorn! Peanuts!

Lou: ice cream cold drinks!

Harold: Two hours is long enough! That's it!

SpongeBob: Hey balloon Buddy, you're finished!

Francis: He preserved us wait for a bubble?

Larry: That's nothing! he calls us fat!

Pearl: that washed my flipper!

Mr. Krabs: He owes me money!

Squidward: he made me carry out excellent service!

Scooter: Dudes! the made me experience high tide!

Tom: he poisoned our water supply, melted our crops and delivered a pester unto our houses!

Protesters: he did??

Tom: No... But are we going to wait around until he does?


Person: random much? 

Me: *regenerates* HELL YEAH

Hallo! after manty manty MANTY month IZ BACKK! Sorry because that the long ass hiatus, school's a bitch however now im gonna shot kicking it back into gear with these quotes. In situation the devoted thingy is exhilaration stupid this is committed to: