The Texas wellness Hospital Rockwall Sports medicine is committed to enhancing the wellness of athletes that all ages in our community. We sell a comprehensive program v a full range of solutions designed to fulfill athletes" varied needs ideal here, close to home.


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Our program offers some the the ideal treatment options obtainable through a team the experienced wellness professionals committed to cultivating mental and also physical fitness and performance. Our solutions include:

Injury EvaluationNutritional CounselingAthletic training CoveragePhysician ReferralConcussion ManagementExperienced physical Therapists at 7 local therapy centersRehabilitation Consultation

Additionally, we room proud to sell a complete concussion monitoring program to help ensure the athletes, an especially school and also youth athletes, obtain high quality, ideal care should they obtain a mind injury. Each program available includes neurocognitive assessment devices to assist parents, coaches, teachers and also others professionals in making decisions around an athlete"s scholastic needs during the restore process. Trained physicians area obtainable to evaluate and oversee treatment working with institution officials to do the ideal care and accommodation decisions for each athlete and also their individual needs.


Dr. Shawn Bonsell

Medical manager Sports medicine Clinic of north Texas

An experienced, board certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Shawn Bonsell specializes in all aspects of sporting activities medicine, consisting of non-operative treatment programs, arthroscopy, ACL and shoulder reconstruction. He to be a collegiate swimmer in ~ Stanford and received his MD in 1993 indigenous Oregon health and wellness Sciences university of Medicine, perfect his orthopaedic residency training at duke University whereby he to be a residents team doctor for basketball, football, and also soccer before moving to Dallas because that his orthopaedic sports medication fellowship. That serves as team physician for Mesquite High football and also assists through sports medication coverage because that USA Swimming, Horn High School, and also North Mesquite High school sporting events. The enjoys triathlon training and also has perfect in the height 20% of every finishers that the Ironman Triathlon.

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Trina Childers has comprehensive experience with institution athletic programs and greatly enjoys working with athletes. Many recently, Trina offered as Head athletic Trainer in ~ Kemp ISD because that the previous 6 years. Before Kemp, Trina to be a graduate assistant in ~ Trinity mother Francis and Head athletic Trainer in Canton ISD. Originally from Arkansas, Trina is one avid Arkansas Razorbacks fan and also in she spare time enjoys city hall sports, gift outdoors, spending time v family and also shopping through friends.

Trina attended southern Arkansas college where she received a BS in athletic Training and BSE in Physical education and learning Wellness & leisure in 2009. She functioned with football, men’s & women’s basketball, softball, and also baseball programs ultimately receiving a masters of education and learning in 2011. Trina is certified through the national Athletic Trainers’ Association plank of Certification and licensed through the state that Texas.