The Catholic neighborhood of Saint Matthew Parish, in the Diocese the El Paso, is dubbed to storage the visibility of Christ in Word and also Sacrament. We space summoned and sent by Christ to proclaim the good news the Jesus Christ in the heart of faith, education, love, and also service come our ar in an initiative to bring our members closer together and also closer to God. This will be completed through: to teach the legacy of the church and also the indigenous of God v worship and also prayer. Developing the spirit of belonging and also welcoming tourists and new parishioners. Offering spiritual growth opportunities to all. Empowering and enriching the stays of our youth v ministry and also education. Encouraging parishioners to share your time, talent, and also value. Providing a safe atmosphere for every visitors and also members.”

St Matthew Parish would like to welcome Rev Carlos Chavez of cross Catholic Outreach who is speaking this weekend at every Masses on instead of of the bad in occurring countries. Cross Catholic Outreach was founded to produce a systematic link between parishes in America and the priest and also nuns working in the church overseas in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, main and south America.

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Message indigenous Bishop Seitz about masks inside:


Given the rising number of COVID cases Bishop note Seitz is requiring the masks it is in worn by unvaccinated and also vaccinated civilization alike age 3 and above for all indoor functions effective automatically in the El Paso and also West Texas regions of the Diocese.“In an initiative to use every little thing tools are available to limit the contagion in ~ our communities, we will be return to this protocol. We space committed come doing all we can to defend the health and safety of every diocesan faithful,” Bishop note Seitz said. “This mask need within our diocese will aid limit the spread out of the deadly an illness in El Paso and West Texas. No other transforms to protocols will be put in place at this time but additional restrictions will certainly be enacted in the near future if the situation requires it.Bishop Seitz asks the prayers of the community pleading because that a very swift finish to this pandemic. The Diocese proceeds to encourage all diocesan faithful to get their vaccination as soon as possible.


Dado el creciente número de casos de COVID el Obispo note Seitz está requiriendo que las personas no vacunadas y vacunadas por igual de 3 años de edad para todas las funciones de internal a partir de ahora en ras regiones de El Paso y el oeste de Texas de la Diócesis."En un esfuerzo por utilizar cualquier herramienta que esté a mano para limitar el contagio dentro de nuestras comunidades, volveremos a este protocolo. Estamos comprometidos a hacer todo lo posible para proteger la salud y la seguridad de todos los fieles de la diócesis", dijo el obispo mark Seitz. "Este requisito de la máscara dentro de nuestra diócesis ayudará a limitar la propagación de la enfermedad mortal en El Paso y el oeste de Texas. En este momento no se pondrán en marcha otros cambios en los protocolos, pero se promulgarán más restricciones en un futuro próximo si la situación lo requiere.El Obispo Seitz pide ras oraciones de la comunidad rogando por un rápido fin de esta pandemia. La Diócesis sigue animando a todos los fieles diocesanos a que se vacunen lo antes posible.

Message from Bishop Seitz regarding Vaccination requirements

Daily Mass: Monday- Friday

9 am

SVDP West side Food circulation at Saint Luke every Wednesday morning.


Saturday4:30 p.m. Vigil fixed (English)

Sunday8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., (English)

12:00 p.m.(Spanish)


Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m.


Saturday: 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

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All space welcome!

Weekly donations can be made three ways:1) online at online giving or at: mail envelope to the office3) text the word provide to: 915-621-2429 and follow the prompts.