The St. Vincent de Paul society of Massena got a $500 provide from the Northern new York Community structure earlier this year. Pictured room John Witkop of St. Vincent de Paul, Dan Witchey the the Food bank of central New York, Randy Besio and also Bob brothers of St. Vincent de Paul. St. Vincent de Paul will become St. Peter’s Outreach Ministry effective Thursday. Submitted photo

MASSENA — starting Thursday, St. Vincent de Paul in Massena will certainly no much longer be St. Vincent de Paul, yet its mission will continue to be the same.

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The company is experience a name and also brand change and will end up being St. Peter’s Outreach Ministry.

“Our mission and what we carry out will stay the same,” said Kitty Samuels, that will offer as a St. Peter’s Parish plank member ~ above the new organization’s plank of directors the will likewise include the Rev. Note Reilly, Deacon cutting board Proulx, St. Peter’s Parish trustees and also a St. Vincent de Paul member.

She claimed the organization had a pair of options — “Either proceed to affiliate internationally and also pay dues or affiliate locally. St. Vincent de Paul is an worldwide organization. Our mission is local, for this reason we determined to affiliate locally.”

As an worldwide organization, it dropped under the direction that Diocese that Ogdensburg bishop, terry R. LaValley. Together St. Peter’s Outreach Ministry, the will loss under St. Peter’s Parish.

“Everything will continue. All of our program will stay the same,” Ms. Samuels said. “Everything we do, the missions needed in ours area, will continue to be the same. Ours ministry is ecumenical. We don’t discriminate. The name change is completely administrative.”

Among the services available by St. Vincent de Paul is emergency food calls in ~ the Massena central School ar or parish boundaries. They additionally hold a food distribution for St. Lawrence County occupants every 30 days.

St. Vincent de Paul likewise oversees the Gabriel’s Helping hands Program, also known together the Gabriel Project. The program gives diapers, formula, cribs and also baby clothing for pregnant and new mothers. It’s open to mothers, fathers, grandparents or caretakers of an infant and/or youngsters up come 3 year old.

“This year’s Christmas routine will be drive-through,” Ms. Samuels said. “We’re still functioning out the details.”



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I believe there is an ext to this story.

The Diocese of Ogdensburg is relinquishing the direction of St. Vincent de Paul, and also St. Vincent de Paul is developing itself together an live independence entity, for, at least, three reasons:

1. In developing itself as an live independence entity, and also undergoing a name and brand change, St. Vincent de Paul really hopes to preserve and also expand that donations. The Diocese" ongoing and multiple issues resulting indigenous the sex abuse situation impede donations. People are unconvinced to add to anything connected with the Diocese, however, lock will contribute to independent entities connected with local communities.

2. In relinquishing its direction of St. Vincent de Paul, the fiscally unstable Diocese is relieved the its duty to contribute to it.

3. In developing itself as an live independence entity, St. Vincent de Paul can not be fastened to any judgments against the Diocese have to it record for bankruptcy, nor deserve to its accumulation be seized come compensate victims.

The termination of the association between the Diocese and also St. Vincent de Paul is simply a fragment of the Diocese" continuous "" and also "" of its assets, holdings, monies, and associations in preparation for bankruptcy or payouts to victims. Every diocese in the nation is experience a similar self-protection "" In Jan. 2020, it was reported the the Catholic Church had actually shielded $2 billion in legacy to border abuse payouts or shrink the value of their bankruptcy estates.

This article does no convey the entire story around the adjust in Massena. Grossly doing not have is transparency top top the part of the Diocese and also Bishop terry LaValley.

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