After the occasions on planet Styx, you'll end up in area called Gemity. This area is basically a repertoire of mini-games, head to the main plaza and go one of two people to the Northeast or Northwest transporter to access Runic Chess. If girlfriend forgot just how to beat Runic Chess from her time in the ancient Ruins that Mosel, the rules room as follows:

Thief to win SymbologistSymbologist beats Warrior

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There are a total of 300 battle Trophies in the game, to unlock this trophy you require to obtain 240 of every one of BT's: that's a little margin because that error considering a great amount the the BT's deserve to only be acquired on Universe and also 4D difficulty. That being said, it is possible to achieve all 240 BT's ~ above Galaxy mode, despite it will be difficult. You'll need to get every one of the story related/boss trophies and keep in psychic the missable BT's prefer the Albel ceo Fights and also Norton Redux fight. This FAQ is a good resource to aid you top top the special, of every BT, below I will information some points to keep in mind while functioning on this trophy:

When that comes under to your key party, shot to rod with only them because that the duration of the game. Keeping personalities as short leveled as possible helps after that for BT's where you must level up consecutively 20 times or fight solo.Speaking the levels, in regards to the "Recover "X" quantity of health" BT's make certain you save Mirage and also Roger at your initial level so the you can acquire these BT's easily. (Make spare conserves if you require to)The 400 species of adversary BT may seem prefer a lot in ~ first, however if you're constantly killing every foe you encounter and also return come those locations later in the video game (the opponents in a many areas change after you end up the Styx area). You have the right to rack up numerous of those BT's just by playing v the key game. Additionally, friend can likewise score a few more species by playing v the fight Arena. Assuming you maintained skipping ahead every 4 ranks, you missed fairly a few enemy varieties by no fighting some of the groups in Ranking fight as well.

Luckily, a big majority of BT's space not missable, so when you obtain all the missable BT's out of the method you deserve to save the rest of your grind for article game. When you have derived 240 battle Trophies, the trophy will certainly unlock. (Credit come Aerius because that the BT Guide)