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Hi! Despecialized trouble with downloads. Making use of FRD the web links did not work. Also when I shot to usage the connect directly in my browser the connect goes nowhere. For example, this is a dead attach below.

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link gotten rid of by moderator - please view the short article below

Any ideas? thanks so much.


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As of the 22nd October, 2019 - HanDuet has updated his superb and helpful ‘The ultimate Introductory Guide’…

HanDuet said:

** notice **Downloads space ONLINE again for Harmy’s Star wars Trilogy Despecialized Editions!

TUIG updated to v6.0.

This major revision that the overview (and supplemental references) replaced all useless content, provides accessibility to to energetic download sources, and includes numerous other improvements. Many thanks for anyone patience; it take it a many research, conversations, and also coordination to make this happen! Enjoy, and please send me a pm with any feedback.

Status updates about TUIG are posted ~ above my facebook page:

Thanks to SnooPac for far-reaching help make this every work, and also to Harmy because that his ongoing willingness to provide me quick feedback as I prepare and publish these “official” guide updates.

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Hi Jasmer and also welcome.

This, taken from the Some info & aid for Harmy’s Despecialized version of the initial Trilogy… thread, might be of some help… 

"Also, if you room experiencing technical obstacles in obtaining Harmy’s Despecialized Editions…

In ar 10 the HanDuet’s superb The ultimate Introductory Guide:-

"If girlfriend find any type of errors, have feedback, or deserve to think of principles for improving this guide, please leave a talk about my facebook page. Ns will also post on that page as soon as a brand-new version the this overview is published, so please “like” the page if you will do be educated of future updates: ’ 

Section 5 that the overview - ‘Section 5: various other Download Methods’ - also has various other suggestions for gaining the Despecialized Editions.


Also, please perform not article links to download on the website - it is versus our Fan edit / conservation Forum Rules and also FAQ


The "Welcome come the; introduce yourself in right here - a good place to make your first post thread has some advantageous - and also hopefully valuable information and also links - as execute the About, Help, and also ’How do I execute this?’ on the part too.

Please take the moment to review through them, stay patient, and you’ll soon gain a feeling for exactly how this location works. 

Good luck through it. Moderator

I am away from the website for a when - so please send any kind of PMs come SilverWook, Anchorhead, or Tobar - thanks. Welcome | about | help | how do I do this ~ above the | Announcements | general Assistance |Site Timeline | Forum rules | Fan edit & preservation Rules + faqs | Signature rules | MySpleen Info

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Hii oojason,

I’m Jas, many thanks for responding quickly! ns an apple Certified technological Coordinator and also I’ve review all the guides old and also new, I’m well versed in rar applications, i have tried J Downloader and free Rapid. Free Rapid states error, J Downloader states error, papers are no longer there. I understand I can use torrents and also rar and also mkv downloads on ulozto period net.

But, I want to obtain the MKV papers (IV 2.7, V 2.0, vi 2.5) straight from Harmy for this reason I know they room 100% complete with all extras.

The pastebin/ulozto links provided/linked to in the Google Doc perform not work.

The attach you provided me is great, yet when I find ulozto for HARMY DEED IV MANUAL, because that example, it just returns outcomes for IV 2.5.

How deserve to I acquire the MKV IV 2.7, V 2.0, through 2.5 files straight from Harmy? over there is paper after document after document on net pages and google docs and facebook v some conflict information, some old, part new, some updated, part not and also I’ve read all of them.

Most importantly, the pastebin/ulozto web links are dead. Probably you deserve to tell me the person who post them and that person have the right to tell me whereby the web links are?

Thanks because that your aid oojason,


AuthoroojasonTime16-Aug-2019 5:27AM(Edited)Post link

Hi Jas,

Man, that’s shame those web links are no much longer working.

It may be precious leaving a blog post for Harmy at among his social media pages (twitter, facebook and also youtube) - analysis through the threads of his Despecialized version on right here to find any relevant info (or comparable issues rather may have actually encountered), or leave him a article on here.

The web links to which deserve to be found in the Some info & aid for Harmy’s Despecialized version of the original Trilogy… thread. 

solkap’s NJVC tradition Blu-ray collection of Harmy’s Despecialized execution now available on Mega object may likewise be of interest to you. 

The miscellaneous projects on right here are the duty of their particular authors / editor / preservationists and so on - each has their own means of making accessible their tasks - and it is no something the OT•com is associated in.

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The general Assistance section of the OT•com is yes, really for answering questions about the site itself - and also the links to tasks in here are really just for the convenience of our members - and a likewise signpost because that our newer members on wherein to look for some of the much more ‘asked about’ projects.

You’ll likely find much more relevant information in the task threads themselves. 

Good luck with it, Jas