I"m having actually trouble logging right into the game, as soon as I hit play, everything goes black and I can"t execute anything on my computer. I can"t alt-f4, ctrl, alt, del. I need to reset my computer system completely.I"m sure there"s a object somewhere around this, however eh.Thanks appreciated!


12.16.2011 , 12:23 to be | #2
go to the discoverhotmail.com folder and also open increase client_defaults in: C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsBioWareStar wars - The Old Republicdiscoverhotmail.com etailclient Change: "FullScreen=true" to "FullScreen=false"Go into the game. From there hit esc > preferences and then to the graphics tab. Adjust the refresh price from 100 (or every little thing it is here) come the refresh price of your current monitor settings. For this reason 59 or 60hz Or girlfriend can shot hitting alt-enter to switch TOR to windowed mode and also vise versa Save and go earlier to the client_defaults document and adjust back come Fullscreen=true
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