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Actor, Stephen Bishop, stars as David Paulk on bet Network’s fight original series “Being mary Jane,” the opposite Gabrielle Union together her lengthy time on and off again boyfriend.

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Originally from Chicago, IL, Stephen Bishop relocated to north California wherein he to visit Campolindo High School. ~ receiving many accolades in both football and baseball, he obtained a baseball scholarship come the college of California Riverside. The all-star athlete led the Highlanders come a university World series and earned the first Team all Conference and also All region twice. After ~ graduating and earning his BA in Business, Bishop signed through The Atlanta Braves and played because that them and also the Baltimore Orioles for 3 years. Bishop then spent two year scouting because that the Braves prior to deciding to move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.

Since, Stephen has actually made numerous appearances in notable movies such together “The run Down,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Safe House,” and “Battleship.” His tiny screen appearances encompass USA Networks “Royal Pains,” ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Lost, Brothers and also Sisters,” CBS’s “The Mentalist,” CW’s “The Game” and “Hart that Dixie.” yet the role he is finest known because that is baseball legend ‘David Justice’ in the six-time Academy compensation Nominee film, “MONEYBALL,” the contrary Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and also Chris Pratt.

Stephen’s many recent job is Lifetime’s original film “With This Ring” certification opposite Regina hall (“Think like a man Too”), Jill Scott (“Steel Magnolias”), and also Eve Jeffers Cooper (“Single Ladies,” “Barbershop”). The film, written and directed through Nzingha Stewart (“The Game”) and executively developed by Tracey Edmonds, Sheila Ducksworth (“Soul Food”), is Gabrielle Union’s an initial film project as a producer.

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In enhancement to his acting career, Stephen Bishop is heavily connected as a green structure advocate, working toward helping the US government green every one of their building projects. Working v Parquet through DIAN, the world’s greenest hardwood flooring manufacturer, he was responsible because that PBD becoming the preferred wood flooring merchant for MGM’s City center Las Vegas task which is the largest LEED project in history. He’s likewise a plank member of the nonprofit organization, #RAKE (Random acts of kindness Everywhere), i beg your pardon grants and also houses innovative charitable initiatives.