There"s a sort of belief that is an extremely dangerous. I"ll display you 2 extremes here, and both are warned versus in Romans, chapter 4. Occasionally there is a variation of faith that looks much more like denial. Then there is the absence of faith, which create despair. What I view in Romans, chapter 4, front and center, native the dad of faith, is that he to be able to avoid both extremes. It says in city 19, "Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact…" that one phrase helps me know what confidence is and also what faith isn"t. The kind of belief I to be to emulate from my father Abraham, whose seed ns am, is no a type of denial. I"m putting that prior to you since when us teach about being positive, the doesn"t mean that every little thing in her life is positive, and I desire you to recognize that.

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Here"s the thing. Some civilization don"t practice faith, due to the fact that they live in denial, and they actually start to usage their confidence as a cop-out and also don"t face things for what they are. Abraham confronted the fact he to be old. He confronted the reality his stuff quit working a lengthy time ago. He challenged the fact. That looked at himself and also said, "It is what that is," and he looked at his wife and also said, "It was what that was, however it ain"t what that was. Now it is what the is. We"re old now. We can have done this 30 or 40 years ago, maybe. We can have excellent it 50 or 60 years ago, but now the is what it is". "I didn"t walk to college. The is what the is. Ns didn"t walk to high school. The is what that is. Ns went through my very first marriage. Ns was too stupid to do it work".You understand what? girlfriend can"t get over what you execute not own. So confront it. Challenge it. Faith doesn"t mean living in denial. Confidence doesn"t median that it"s all good. I have actually women in mine church who were sexually abused. It"s not all good. I have human being in mine church who can"t get a job because they have a criminal record. It"s not all good. Ns have human being in mine church under the sound of mine voice right currently who didn"t prosper up through a dad. It"s not all good. You know what? confidence can take care of that. The beginning place that authentic belief is honesty. It is what it is. "Lord, I"m disappointed ideal now".Do you understand you can tell God that and he won"t organize it against you? as soon as God spoke to Abraham and said, "I"m going to offer you a particle that"s going to be her son, and out of her seed is going to come a nation as countless as the stars," Abraham laughed in God"s face. It didn"t stroked nerves God, since faith is no a feeling; faith is a decision. I"m going to say that again come counteract all the wrong thinking you"ve ever before had in your life about faith. Faith is not a feeling. You have the right to be a pessimistic person however still have good faith. Even great faith has weak moments.So the contact to confidence is first a speak to to come the end of denial. Otherwise, you"ll be wait on God to provide you from a case that is going to need discipline. I"m going to say that again. As soon as you live in denial, you"ll be wait for deliverance in a case that needs discipline. Room you waiting for deliverance in a situation that is walking to need discipline? In various other words, are you waiting on God come cancel her debts or are you make a plan to pay them off? confidence doesn"t wait on a check. Faith gets up and goes to job-related or at least looks for work. Faith will perform it, yet you have to confront it.You have to challenge it or friend live in denial, and also you"ll say, "Well, ns guess the reason nobody wants to it is in my friend is because God has actually me in a lonely season appropriate now". No, God doesn"t have actually you in a lonely season. Your poor attitude and poor relational actions of not treating world correctly have obtained you in a lonely season, and also until you challenge it belief can"t settle it. Till you face it, confidence can"t fix it. Belief can"t deal with what you won"t face. He confronted the fact, yet he retained his faith. You have the right to do both. He confronted the fact. "I"m not living in denial". Yet he kept his faith. "I"m no living in despair".Faith is standing in the middle and making a decision that it is what that is, yet it"s no what that seems. I have actually that beneath-the-surface faith. I have actually that Saturday faith, wait on something to come up out of a tomb and resurrect because that the healing and salvation of the world. He report his situation with his faith, therefore he ended up being the father of many nations, and we room his seed. Exactly how cool is that? We space the seeds of Abraham. Seed. That made me think around something. Will you think with me today? once Jesus to be trying to define to the world what the kingdom the God to be like, he claimed in Mark, chapter 4, city 31, "The kingdom of heaven is prefer a skyscraper, big and bold, massive, a towering structure".I wish he said that. I wish my confidence was as big as a skyscraper. I wish ns walked around never doubting. Ns wish every my ingredient worked. That"s what I"m trying to say. In fact, i wish this stuff i preach was as easy to live together it is come preach sometimes. Don"t you great it was as easy to live together it is to create down in your notebook? The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed. Assumption: v what I have in my pocket? No, not mustard seeds. I have trees in my pocket. I pertained to preach come somebody. You have actually trees in her pocket. You have actually potential in her life. You have actually trees in your pocket. You have healing in your mouth.You can tell her neighbor, "You have trees in her pocket". That"s what God was telling Abraham. "I placed a seed in you. I put a promise in you. I placed a function in you. I placed potential in you. Don"t judge the tree through the size of the seed, because when it"s get an impression it"s going come look prefer something friend can"t also imagine ideal now". For this reason he says, "Can you see the tree in the seed"? This is the inquiry of faith. Can you watch the hope of the human being in a barren womb? deserve to you see leadership potential in your rebellious child? deserve to you see just how it might have to be a blessing the one person walked the end of her life? They say we miss the woodland for the trees, yet sometimes ns think we miss out on the trees for the seeds. Elijah sends his servant up. He"s like, "Hey, check it out, due to the fact that it"s around to rain". The maid comes back down and also says, "There is nothing there". That said, "Go and also look again".Elijah is law something kind of monster while he"s sending his servant ago and forth, since he sends out him six times. The scriptures says… I"m no going to effort to show this, because my versatility is limited, however he placed his head in between his knees. I think it"s due to the fact that if that looked at the sky, if that looked at the situation, if the went through sight… The bible says we walk by faith and not through sight. He had to near his eye to what to be there in bespeak to view what would be. Finally, after 6 times, ~ above the seventh time his small servant came back and said, "Well, there"s a cloud increase there, however it"s only about the size of a man"s hand". "To what shall i compare the kingdom of heaven? It"s prefer a seed, a cloud the dimension of a man"s hand. It"s prefer a mustard seed". That"s the the smallest seed castle knew of in ~ the time. "Yet as soon as planted, the grows".I love that phrase. I feel the oil the God and also the electrical power that the divine Ghost on that phrase. "Yet once planted, that grows". That"s her word for this season of your life. Yes, it"s small, yet as soon as planted it grows. I"m going to stay right ~ above this, due to the fact that I know when God is speaking, and he"s speak to somebody. It"s a cloud the size of a man"s hand, yet as soon as planted it grows. It"s a little boy"s lunch. It"s only 5 loaves and two fish. Jesus said, "Put it in my hands, due to the fact that yet as soon as planted that grows". He"s simply a shepherd boy in a field. That looks choose a seed, however he"s a king, and when planted in the soil of adversity in Saul"s court, David flourished to end up being a king.To what shall ns compare the kingdom of God? It"s favor a seed. You can"t check out it at first. The doesn"t also seem like something precious showing. The doesn"t even seem large enough for the cameras to pick up, yet once planted the grows. God said it"s time for you to start planting seed of purpose even in the floor of doubt. If you tree it, it"ll grow. If you tree it, the cloud will certainly burst. If you tree it, the rain will fall. If you get your hands dirty and have faith and also hope against hope, yet once planted that grows.I feeling a soul of faith. I want to impart faith to you. I don"t understand if you think in this kind of stuff, but I believe in a moment, in the presence of God, he can plant the incorruptible seeds of his indigenous in the soil of one expectant heart and also a ripe harvest. You"d much better catch that. You"d far better catch that tree. You"d better put that in your pocket, and this week as soon as you"re up in a situation and also it looks choose a small little thing, and it looks choose it doesn"t stand a chance, and also it looks prefer a little virgin girl native Nazareth, and also it looks choose Joseph in a pit, you require to recognize that the pit wasn"t a pit; it was the soil he to be planted in therefore he can come soon in Egypt and also bring…Tell somebody, "I"m growing. I"m growing. My confidence is growing. My heart is growing. My capacity to love is growing". However the thing about the growth of the seed is… execute y"all hate once I holler choose that? I know some that y"all wish i didn"t perform it, but I watched some basketball games during the final Four and the NBA play-offs. Ns watched all kinds of fans acquire up v their shirt off and also their chests painted and also jump around around some males in part shorts to run up and down a hardwood floor. Ns just number our confidence ought to it is in enough…Jesus said, "I need to go come the cross. I have to be crucified, and also they"re walk to ask me in the ground". That"s one narration that what occurred when they put Jesus in a obtained tomb. He was buried. Yet guess what? Jesus said, "When they placed me in the ground, I"m no being buried. I"m gift planted to produce a harvest". Touch somebody and say, "I"m planted". The does not appear yet what i shall be, however when you watch me I"m going come look more like him. I have actually news for you.

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The is what it is, however it"s not what that was, and also your eyes have actually not checked out what it"s going come be. Scream if you think it!