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…if you adjust Your Mind

I’m gonna miss writing about Steven Universe.

He isn’t done. This is the end of one story, but we constantly have an ext work come do. Self-growth takes effort, and also even if his instinct to emphasis on anyone else deserve to go too far, it’s quiet good, hard work to proactively care about others. Steven’s story is around a kid who craves respect discovering to respect himself, a kid bursting through love because that others discovering to love himself, a kid struggling with his identification making his fact known to himself and also others. But there’s just so lot you have the right to do when facing a force that refuses to identify your humanity, and also while it’s a hard lesson for a boy who stays to aid people, I’m so thankful that he ends the original series by discovering that the isn’t mandatory to justification his presence to a bigot.

It’s important to know just how to adjust your mind. But it’s simply as crucial to recognize when friend shouldn’t.


But there’s much more unspoken storytelling prior to the display screen even splits. ~ the darkness that precedes the split-screen provides talked storytelling (Connie’s voice in the void repeating Steven’s genuine name after ~ White Diamond pummeled him through the wrong one), human being Steven’s perspective mirrors that his human body is for sure on the ground, and that Connie has actually been freed. Currently that White Diamond has what she wants, the rice bowl containing she daughter and also its human being pet don’t matter anymore, therefore they’re discarded and also ignored. She could’ve squeezed the life out of Steven’s human body after the extraction without sparing a thought, however this human host isn’t precious the effort. Also the fact that he’s stand up regardless of his weakness speak volumes: rather of dropping him, she placed him ~ above his feet like a small figurine, one last act of humiliation prior to focusing on what she still think is Pink Diamond.

Zach Callison imbues human Steven through so lot breathless pain that we’re eased into Gem Steven’s an in similar way quiet voice, which makes it the much much more frightening and also cathartic once White Diamond’s outrage is suitable by a deafening roar. Steven has been make the efforts to usage his words for the entire finale, and the whole final arc on optimal of that, and Gem Steven compacts all that anger and also frustration into a single shattering word. White Diamond has dominated the conversation at any time Steven meets with her, and Gem Steven has had enough.

All the while, human being Steven’s tears are met through Gem Steven’s eerie, unflinching expression. Gem Steven can walk on air, however Human Steven can’t budge without Connie’s help. Yet as castle close in on each other, and also Gem Steven further displays his power by effortlessly driving away White’s attacks with a faceted gem of a shield, White never ever thinks to target his counterpart. Person Steven is one even simpler target currently than Steven to be moments earlier, yet White tho can’t take him seriously enough to realize the he matters as lot as Gem Steven. She’s consumed through proving herself right, and also Gem Steven is consumed with making himself whole again, yet while human being Steven seems to be on the same web page as his various other half, he still takes the moment to worry around everyone else acquiring hurt.

Plenty has actually been said about the magnificent blend of the Stevens, animated by the legendary James Baxter. Over there frankly isn’t much to speak in the an initial place the isn’t made redundancy from just watching the art, seeing together it’s using its medium to capture emotions that go beyond words. It’s an old musical adage: once you’re as well emotional to speak, sing, and when you’re as well emotional to sing, dance. Person Steven’s relief, Gem Steven’s confront lighting up, White Diamond’s shock ~ the impossibly smooth rotation that frames she behind him, it every speaks because that itself.

When Steven reforms, it’s already over. White throws a tantrum, but Steven and also Connie laugh off the reverberations from she mighty blows together they bounce choose the floor is a trampoline. She’s offered every ounce of her considerable authority to try and do Steven something the isn’t, but she’s the end of moves, and also he’s tho here. Bigots and abusers have the right to do awful things. They deserve to strip away your rights, they have the right to beat and bully you into submission, they can also kill you, yet no issue how huge they are, lock can’t change the truth. And also in this case, the truth is the Pink Diamond is gone and also Steven is Steven, no issue what White Diamond thinks.


The fantasy of the story is the White Diamond does change her mind, i m sorry wraps up the arc with a neat small victory. This might have to be a major backfire, given the suggest of Steven’s trip is that she doesn’t obtain to have a speak in that he is and also how he resides his life, however considering this is tho a children’s show, and considering he’s an ext than deserve a happy ending, and also considering this isn’t the really ending and things get method more complicated in the epilogue, I’m cool with having actually some fantasy. Real-life Uncle Andy types might not be as open up to reevaluating their biases as we’d like, and real-life Diamonds can not be together willing to prevent oppressing and abusing as we’d like, yet this display is quiet escapism, and also it’s nice to gaze into a kinder universe.

The lighting because that White’s room has actually been superior throughout, but outdoes itself together the grayscale cedes come color. Garnet and also Amethyst and also Pearl room freed, climate Bismuth and Peridot and Lapis arrive simply in time to watch the results of Steven’s accomplishment, then Pink Pearl ultimately emerges from millennia that subjugation, but these bonus victories are complied with by Blue and Yellow reminding us as soon as again that they’re far from reformed. White reaches the end her hand, and while she’s hardly given them any kind of reason to help her, it’s informing that her daughters recoil in disgust while Steven approaches.

This critical conversation does two important jobs, which is privately one essential job: mirroring one much more look at how Steven and White contrast, and how castle both continue to be at unhealthy extremes. First, we see that even as White Diamond begins to change, she fatal flaw remains her self-obsession. She doesn’t get anything close to Blue or Yellow’s counter (which, again, space only tiny steps!) and doesn’t present a shred of remorse for she actions, just worrying around the effects for her very own identity. As rushed together this condition quo shift might appear, it’s clear ideal away the the Diamonds space still a mess and also have planets’ worth of job-related to do before they’re anything close to “redeemed.”

And second, we check out that for every one of Steven’s progress, his obsession through helping others endures, because his fatal defect is the contrary of self-obsession. White just hurt the in a way he’s never been pains before, and also she hasn’t apologized for any of it, and also his thoughts still revolve to comforting her. If this is partly to complete his mission of saving the Corrupted Gems, this isn’t a manipulative pragmatist we’re talking about. This is still a son who shoves his ache aside to execute what he thinks is finest for anyone else, and even in his success, he likewise has an ext work to do. Runs in the family.


What matters much more is how the episode, and also the initial series, actually ends. From the start, Steven’s entire journey has involved the weight of his mother’s legacy, yet in this minute of peace, he complies with his father’s example by strumming a tune on the shore. I probably would’ve been touched no issue what the sang, however he wake up to sing my favorite song in the series.

Change her Mind (the song) sounds an individual because that is personal. It’s much less of a suitable song and much more of an unlimited mantra that Rebecca Sugar composed to aid herself with rough waters, and in a strange action of providence, she published a fuller variation for anyone to gain on the day I released my first post about Change her Mind (the episode). It’s a lovely coincidence to note the start of the finish for Steven, Universally.

All the means back in Bubbled, i wrote about what I watch as the four large Songs of Steven Universe. The first two are strong in the Real way and stronger Than You, which focus on true strength and how it have the right to be completed in healthy and balanced relationships; they about correspond come the beginning and the end of the an initial act the the series. The last two are Love choose You and readjust Your Mind, which emphasis on true strength and how it deserve to be accomplished as individuals; they about correspond come the beginning and the finish of the third act that the series (and heck, the last track we in reality hear is Love like You again in the credits, ending with everyone coming together for the last word).

It’s important to have actually healthy relationships, yet it’s likewise important to it is in a healthy individual, and you can’t different one indigenous the other. Steven hasn’t actually learned both halves the the class yet, concentrating so lot on the previous that he battles with the latter (and as we’ll see in the epilogue, the imbalance makes him struggle with the former as well). The isn’t done. This is the end of one story, yet we always have much more work to do.

But it’s okay to take it a moment and also bask in a relaxed night, nothing fear, nobody to fight, with 3 loving family members come close the end our adventures v Steven Universe, period 14.


See you in the future.

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We’re the one, we’re the ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Between Steven Universe and Steven cosmos Future, I’ll be ending up with a appropriate radio-style peak Forty through our final episode. Yet until then, we’re lengthy overdue because that an expansion to close out the initial series.

Change her Mind is a great episode, however it has over a hundred and also fifty competitors and I think fourteen of them are better. I recognize folks who think it ends everything too quickly, and I might’ve been much more disappointed if this was the just finale us got, however as the close up door of a chapter rather than the closeup of the door of the story, it’s a hell of a feat.

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