New Stryper album to have one tune “Take It to The Cross” the has fatality metal choose growls

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet was freshly interviewed by The metal Voice‘s Jimmy Kay and also Alan Dixon, and spoke about a number of topics including the material on the band’s new upcoming studio album.

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Sweet recently defined the new album as “very different,” “heavy” and also “hooky and melodic” top top his on facebook page.

Sweet stated as follows to The steel Voice around the music direction ~ above the brand-new Stryper album (as spelling, orthography by The steel Voice through slight edits): “The new album comes out in late April 2018. I deserve to tell you this this is Stryper‘s finest album. There is a song that is close come “Yahweh” (song from Fallen album) and it’s really different it will surprise a the majority of people. The location of the album is very controversial and very shocking, it holds the own and perhaps surpasses To Hell with The Devil in regards to that catch phrase. There is a song dubbed “Take It come The Cross” and we brought in Matt Bachand who plays etc in Shadows Fall and additionally plays bass in Act of Defiance. And also Matt has a good growl voice. So we carried him in on “Take It come The Cross” (new song) and also on the chorus you will certainly hear Matt growl and also at the end of the song you will hear Matt growl. People are going come hear that and also say that”s no means Stryper! much more in line through Thrash, death Metal but not end the top. Human being are going to hear it and say ‘What the hell?’ “

On whether brand-new Stryper bassist Perry Richardson played on the brand-new upcoming record, Sweet advised: “The situation with the brand-new Stryper album — Perry had actually a schedule to fulfill and we to be on schedule to do the brand-new album so there wasn’t quiet he could play top top the album, so next time around we will certainly see. So because that the new album we hired referred to as John O’ Boyle who played bass on mine last 2 solo albums, his performances will certainly speak because that themselves.”

In terms of whether it to be a need that Richardson be a Christian in stimulate to sign up with Stryper, Sweet stated: “It’s a precious question, to answer your question, NO and it might make civilization gasp, it might shock people, it could even lose a few fans by hearing Michael Sweet speak that. What is in ~ the peak of the priority list is that they are good people, the they room clean and also sober and also that they are really an excellent musicians and for Stryper a really vital piece is that they can sing. We space a vocal band. It’s not straightforward to find somebody that can sing and also that deserve to play and that is a great person. “

“The Christan thing is the doesn’t always make girlfriend a good person. Few of the greatest idiots ns know insurance claim to be Christian and then vice versa.

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Is the something that would be really good to see and have that course, it’s funny reason Perry has said the he is a Christian. However we didn’t walk there.”

The metal Voice‘s interview with Michael Sweet:

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