19°-32° degree Summaries

A Consistory has the duty to confer the 19° - 32°. These degrees demonstrate the challenges of social and also moral conflicts.

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19th level - brothers of the Trail

Along the Oregon trail in 1840, one pioneer lives up to his sacred duty to care for his brother. Philosophy: A Mason"s word is great as gold anyplace in the human being where a man"s word tho counts for something. Core Values: Reverence for God & Integrity.

20th level - Master ad Vitam

Benedict Arnold seeks pardon for his treason. Philosophy: Treason is a crime over which masonry casts no mantle of charity. Core Values: Devotion to country & Integrity.

21st level - Patriarch Noachite

Knights and Nobles come with each other to punish crime, price virtue, defend the innocent, and carry out aid come the needy. Philosophy: Freemasonry is not a shield because that evildoing. Core Values: Justice.

22nd degree - Prince that Libanus

A brother is presented to wood cutters that test his willingness to put aside his rank and status. Philosophy: moral work is honorable and also noble in the sight of God and man. Core Values: Service.

23rd level - items of Valor

Based top top a true incident during civilization War II and the heroic plot of 4 Chaplains. Philosophy: This degree teaches us that confidence in God will uncover expression in love because that our fellow man, also to the ultimate an individual sacrifice. Core Values: Reverence for God, Tolerance, Devotion to country & Service.

24th level - brother of the woodland

A indigenous American petitions because that membership in a early american symbolic lodge. Philosophy: The importance of Tolerance, and also Freemasonry is a global brotherhood. Core Values: Tolerance.

25th degree - grasp of success

Industriousness is presented through the life of brother Benjamin Franklin. Philosophy: The earnings of a Mason are earned and paid in their dealing with one another. Core Values: Devotion to nation & Service.

26th level - Friend and also Brother Eternal

Two officers, if on opposite political parties of the civil War, keep their Masonic principles. Philosophy: Masonic unity and harmony transcend conflict. Core Values: Devotion to country & Integrity.

27th degree - items of Jerusalem

An historical clash between Pope Honorius III and Emperor Frederick II. Philosophy: when tensions arise in between church and also state, one have to be administrate by his own conscience. Core Value: Tolerance.

28th degree – items of the sun

Masonry"s change from an operative guild come speculative moral fraternity. Philosophy: The working devices of the builders" arts are used to refer unique qualities of ethical instruction. Core Values: Integrity.

29th level - items of St. Andrew

An incident in the long wars between Islam and also Christianity in Europe is fixed by Masonic teachings and tolerance. Philosophy: nobody religion has actually a syndicate on truth. Core Value: Tolerance.

30th degree – grand Inspector

A fourteenth century psychological in the English civil court during the regime of Edward II is conducted. Philosophy: To be attentive, impartial, and also equitable in evaluate others. Core Values: Justice.

31st degree - my Brother’s Keeper

While attending St. Andrew"s Lodge at the eco-friendly Dragon Tavern, brother Warren and also Dawes involved the aid of an injured brother. Philosophy: The degree reinforces our speak to to business in the fraternity. Core Values: truth & Service.

32nd degree – Sublime Prince of the Royal secret

The level dramatically teaches united state to pick between personal advancement and also service to humanity. Philosophy: The level represents the win of the spiritual end the person in man.

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Core Values: Devotion to country & Service.