My name is Mez, and I just joined here. This isnt my first Amino, so I already know the ropes.

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Subnautica has to be one of my favorite games of all time, maybe even top 3. I just absolutely love the game in every aspect. It"s one of the only games that truly terrifies me, and the story is fantastic and very fun to find new details about. Not sure why I"m only joining this amino just now, but here I am.

If you couldn"t tell, my favorite fauna from the game is the Mesmer. Finding my first one was one of my absolute favorite moments in the game, and I love it"s beautiful but also scary design.

Anyway, I"m an artist, or atleast I call myself one. It"s more of just a little hobby, lol. I didnt want to just introduce myself today, so I drew a little something real quick just to get a good footing here. Sooo here you go, a little Mesmer I whipped up.


I used Medibang on my Note 8 to draw this, and it took about 4 or 5 hours to complete.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I"ll have more content soon! I dont only draw by the way, I may do some other blogs and maybe even stream the game.

Here are the wips.




Little Limb Guide

Base Colors
Finished Shading

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Likes (244)

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Comments (55)


That looks so good it my art to shame

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Cody Wells

Nice art. I think Subnautica is also on my top 3 video games.

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Precursor Reaper Leviathan


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Rayquaza Sm

This mesmer looks mesmerising!

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Charlie Magne but gayer

This looks amazing! It"s so much better than anything that I could ever draw

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