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Sunday ideal Welcomes the Sunday ideal All-Star Finale power Line-Up - your Sunday favorites, like Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribdiscoverhotmail.comt, Kathy Taylor, Donald Lawrence and also Travis Greene, will be taking the stage along with the gyeongju to the stage winner DeWayne Crocker! (Photos indigenous Left: Johnny Louis/WENN.com, Carrie Devorah/WENN.com, Jason Kempin/Getty photos for discoverhotmail.com, Jeff Fusco/Getty photos for Verizon Wireless)

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Kirk Franklin - Sunday finest host and gospel's lover choir director and also musician Kirk Franklin has actually been providing us hits due to the fact that his The family days. No one deserve to forget his i can not forget jams with God's property or 1NC, and also of food he further earned our love v his regeneration album. For the finale, Kirk Franklin will certainly wow us as soon as again. (Photo: Johnny Louis/WENN.com)

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Tye Tribdiscoverhotmail.comt - Tye Tribdiscoverhotmail.comt knows exactly how to carry God to the facility of it all. Honestly, simply look ago at his performance v Donnie McClurkin critical year on Sunday Best. We have the right to only intend something discoverhotmail.comter is in store! (Photo: Carrie Devorah / WENN.com)

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Travis Greene - indigenous youth manager to nationwide recording artist, Travis Greene has set the standard for young gospel artists. Through the release of his newest album on the way, he is prepared to lug a positive change to the sound the gospel. (Photo: RCA Inspiration)

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Kathy Taylor - Kathy Taylor is unlike any other, she has a unique calling upon she life come uplift and also minister to the souls and hearts that God's people. She continues to carry her gift to life v inspirational and emotional performances the for national and world leaders alike. (Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

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Donald Lawrence - Donald Lawrence is a guy of many musical talents and continues to carry an same balance that inspirational and modern-day to the scene. Us can't wait to check out him bring that very same spirit come his performance throughout the Sunday finest All-Star finale. (Photo: Paul Warner/Getty images for Verizon Wireless)

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DeWayne Crocker - The pan voted and now DeWayne Crocker will be taking the stage throughout the Sunday ideal All-Star finale show. Track in because that the live show on Sunday, respectable 30 at 8P EDT. (Photo: discoverhotmail.com)

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