Taco Bell Team Member Job summary & Interview

Job Description and also Duties

What go a Taco Bell Team Member Do?

Like many other rapid food establishments, the position of team member incorporates a variety of entry-level project duties in ~ Taco Bell. Main job duties include greeting guests, acquisition food and also drink orders, preparing food and drink, keeping a clean job-related environment, and answering questions about menu items and promotions.

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Training and Learning various other Duties

Taco Bell team members additionally operate drive-thru windows and also take inventory. Added crew member obligations vary through Taco Bell location. Taco Bell team members usage cash registers, ovens, microwaves, and also other assorted pieces the kitchen equipment.

During training, new-hire employees find out standard protocol, safety guidelines because that handling and preparing food, and also how come prepare food through visual instruction and hands-on orientation.

Salary and also Compensation

How much Do They gain Paid?

Applicants 16 and also older may use for Taco Bell team member jobs. One entry-level job, most Taco Bell team members work part-time. Team members normally start out making minimum wage but may receive pay rises through breakthrough into management careers or experience got on the job.

Are There any kind of Other Benefits?

More proficient team member associates might earn up to $10.00 per hour. Taco Bell rapid food restaurants may also offer team members discounts top top food and drink or other occupational benefits, such as clinical coverage or 401(k) plans. Employment services and availability may differ by location.


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Taco Bell Team Member Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please explain your job title and also primary duties. Taco Bell Team Member: i’m a crew member in ~ Taco Bell, and also basically what I do is the cleaning, the cooking, attending to customer service, and all the stuff, and also sometimes drive-thru.

Interviewer: What to be the work environment like? Taco Bell Team Member: Busy. It’s rapid paced, for this reason you need to keep up v the customers’ demands.

Interviewer: Please define a typical day as an employee. Taco Bell Team Member: friend clock in, then you look at the schedule to watch what you’re on, and then you just go come that, and your food prep, and also make sure everything is in ~ the right temperature. Then, tending to customers at the very same time and also just making sure that something the manager demands is done.

Interviewer: how would you define the application and interview process? Taco Bell Team Member: once I used to Taco Bell, the was in reality instant. The manager or the human that owned the Taco Bell to be there, therefore he to be hiring a whole bunch of people, and also I just walked in and got the job.

Interviewer: What must an applicant wear come the task interview? Taco Bell Team Member: Probably organization casual, choose a quite sweater through slacks, maybe an excellent dress shoes.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask throughout the job interview? Taco Bell Team Member: “Do you have actually reliable transportation?”, and also “What is your flexibility?” Those were points that were asked.

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Interviewer: What other advice would certainly you give to a task seeker spring to gain employment? Taco Bell Team Member: Apply, apply, and apply, i guess. Apply until you acquire the job.

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