THIS IS AN ANIME ONLY DISCUSSION POST. DO NOT DISCUSS THE MANGA BEYOND THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------Now we got a proper introduction of the slave girl, Raphtalia. She seemed rather nervous this episode while traveling with Naofumi. Got to see a little bit of her past too.So yeah, pretty much an episode that focused on the new character. Some of her behavior reminds me of a cat with her curiousity. It didnt' take them long to get into some trouble so I'm hoping to see Raphtalia grow more stronger. The ED theme song is ok (I like the opening song better though)

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Loli Rathtalia cute AF!Ravioli ravioli dont lewd the tanuki loli!!!Also cant help but notice there already 2 people that vote that they hated it. They ether dint saw it or waisted they time to look for the only 1 RAW ep on the internet. Just to show some people are here really just to troll
why are they rushing so much .. they are skipping so much from the mangei hope they don't do that in future episodes because the mange is GREAT
A really nice episode with some solid world building and solid character focus on our new heroine and Naofumi too.
This was great it gave introduction to Raphtalia and her relationship towards NaofumiI'm loving this anime
the production of the anime is going very well, by the bluray announce we can see that the novel's 2nd vol is already animated
Otaku4ever10 said:why are they rushing so a lot .. they are skipping so much from the mangei hope they don't do that in future episodes because the mange is GREAT

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Well for one this is based on the LN not the Manga and the manga kind of added or changed a bit of the scenes to how they were described in the book.Well for the most part they adapted everything that i expected. We have the introduction to Rapthalia, The formation of the Slave Contract, A little more info on the party system and shield upgrades, some levelling a bit of background on her past and a bit of action in the end.I have to give props to the animation it remained sharp troughout and the more heavy action and gore was kept without censorship so that's good.The slave contract and how Naofumi uses it to give her commands and if she does not obey and gets pained will surly spins some people around to complain and by that regard they would have a point as having a kid slave and force her to fight would seem appalling but if u consider the period and how things work in both the fantasy and our own past this type of stuff was an assurance back than. However for those who might be a little turned off by it, This is not regularly used it is just to establish a bit of the normal system and will not be used much later.So far i give it a 9/10. I hope it keeps it up as it has for the first 2 episodes.