Teen mother 2 Season 8 episode 11 Recap: Jenelle loses One boy While Leah could Just obtain Another?

On tonight"s episode of teen mom 2, we obtained to check out the autumn from Jenelle"s custody battle and also Leah began dating. Read on to find out more about what happened.

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Babs gained permanent custody of Jace and also Jenelle gained visitation every various other week. Jace"s therapist was supposedly concerned around Jace moving in v Jenelle offered that he"s fear of David.

David discusses how much he no Babs and also Jenelle notes the she feels Babs is the one who"s ruined their relationship. Babs speak Jace about the result of the trial and he seems happy.


Jo talks about how he disputed a custody fight with Kail. Apparently, Kail gained dramatic and also accused Jo of make the efforts to make her feeling devasted ~ above purpose.

Jo notes the he went ahead through filing the papers anyway. Kail discusses she feelings around being served with files for 50:50 custody that Isaac.

Later, Jo showed up in ~ Isaac"s soccer practice, i beg your pardon surprises Kail. Meanwhile, Kail has to prepare for she college graduation.



Teen mom OG Season 7, illustration 6 Recap: Amber"s Shocking Unveiling that Andrew


Jenelle"s unable to do C&D Crazy, however The various other Moms Ain"t Havin" It


The Kaiser Custody fight Has to be Pulled -- At the very least For Now

Briana rehashes the baby shower v Luis. Luis is still mad around Dre gift at Briana"s shower. Luis announces that he"s going to truck driving school and he"s walk to be on the road for lengthy periods of time.

Briana discusses the news with her family, who as always, room disappointed in Luis. Nova phone call Devoin around her upcoming graduation. In ~ Nova"s graduation, Nova winds up crying, yet Briana watch on proudly.


Leah discusses plans to go on a dating app to get out there. She feel excited about this.

Leah announces come the producers the she"s walking on a date. Leah"s date seems to walk pretty smoothly return later, she speak the producers the she well-known the lack of chemistry with the man right away.


Chelsea choose up Aubree from daddy Houska"s. Daddy Houska asks Aubree about whether she"ll do something unique for Adam because that father"s day. Adam constantly sleeps when Aubree is over. Later, Aubree makes a really sweet gift because that Cole.

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