Teen mommy 2 Season 8, episode 13 Recap: walk Leah Bomb together A Motivational Speaker?


On tonight"s episode, number of of these teenager moms prepare because that the bear of your children. Check out on to uncover out what happened.

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Briana is emotion sick and also Luis comes over and doesn"t make her feeling much better when he has trouble installing a automobile seat. Louis tells Briana that he"ll continue to be at her home the an initial week that Stella"s life.

Briana returns from the doctor and tells Nova that Stella will be showing up in a couple of days.

Because she has actually a strong contraction, Briana phone call Luis and feels shocked once he tells she he desires to get back together since he "misses his family."


Kail is thinking about getting a masters level in organization or marketing because she doesn"t feel that anyone will hire she with just a bachelors degree.

Kail doesn"t think that Chris will be roughly too lengthy either, particularly when the novelty of having a kid wears off.

Kail is excited for she graduation date.

Still, she needs to snap Javi"s head off when he asks if he deserve to attend Kail"s graduation. Javi feels the he aided Kail provided that he would be the one to placed the children to bed when she to be studying.


Jenelle bring away Jace and Marissa to St.

Thomas and also leaves her two other children with her in-laws. Jenelle it s okay a opportunity to talk to Jace alone and find the end that he"s happy the she and also Babs worked out a custody agreement.


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Teen mom 2 Season 8 episode 14: Jenelle cuts Off Her family members Completely

When castle return, Jenelle to plan a party for Kaiser. He"s turning 3 and Nathan calls to say he"s gaining Kaiser a dog. Also Jenelle realizes this is irresponsible. David feels that does whatever for Kaiser the a dad should.

At Kaiser"s party, Jenelle pulls every little thing together for him. In a sad moment, Babs makes an effort be nice to Jenelle and also asks if she"d like to walk away in addition to the kids.

Jenelle snaps at her and also tells her that also though she"s ready to it is in civil, she doesn"t favor Babs. "You can"t take it my son away and also expect me to favor you," is what she says.

Jenelle then turns around and tells her friend Jaime about what happened with her mom. Jenelle wants to punish her mom for acquisition Jace away and also doesn"t want to invite she to she wedding.


Leah has actually been talk to a life coach who"s to be helping her number out what to do next. Leah wants to be a motivational speaker and also finds the end that she does feel she"s had actually a hard journey v roadblocks the she"s to be able to overcome.

Leah likewise talks about how she"s overcome anxiety and depression. She additionally gets a chance to speak quite quickly since she"s asked come speak at an occasion promoting the lipstick she"s been selling.

At her speaking gige, Leah is excited. Still, she fully bombs the gig and also then blames that on having talked at a lipstick event.


Chelsea is taking her family members to Florida and also it"ll it is in Watson"s very first time on a plane. In ~ the aquarium, Aubree has a ball.

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