Do you have to buy into the video game to gain XP after ~ 65. I"ve to be doing every Vanguard quest, dungeon, mission, killing ten that this and also ten of that and also I have obtained zero XP the bar hasn"t moved. Ns kinda was ready to offer up yesterday but today again ns did my dungeons, arena champions things, vanguard quests and missions plus the Isle the Dawn kill ten the this ten of that endlessly and also there has actually been no reward v XP.

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So how do you earn XP in the video game cus I"m gaining absolutely none native what i am doing at the moment. Appears really pointless to me.


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Hey Mayku,

after getting to 65, lvling is much-much slower, which is intended, therefore gotta accept that. You have actually a couple of alternatives tho to gain some xp.

Spamming luxury dungeonsDepending on her gear, you deserve to farm higher end dungeons (RKE, GLSH, ...)Bam farmingIf you room the grinder kind of player, you deserve to solo farm or team up through someone to kill bams in the day-to-day quest locations (like basilisks in Sienna Canyon, ...)Daily quests

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Hey Mayku

the RED-Story Quests provide alot the exp, and the Daily-Green Quest also more.

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This is a brand-new character and also hit Level 65 a few days ago. Because then I have done as plenty of Vanguard searches that I have the right to do add to Olivenas Cooking. Mostly I have actually been killing stuff on Island the Dawn. I have actually only one various other quest in my log and that is Thaumetal Refinery i beg your pardon is a dungeon. I am may be to carry out Baracos Trial yet cannot finish Lilith save cus the fire steed kills mine thral instantly and also then I have the right to never do enough damage prior to I have to refresh him and also or cure myself so I offered up.

The blue bar must have been ever before so contempt increasing however so small as not to be noticable. I have been check the numbers and they go up an extremely slightly. Having calculated how much it has actually gone up this last three days I have now calculation it will take me a year to gain to Level 66. Provided it took me less than a job to acquire from 60 come 65 girlfriend gotta to speak this is a little long.

I don"t have any type of green quests other than Vanguard and also there room none in Highwatch or Essenia or all over else on mine map. I have only the cooking, that one dungeon and the Vanguard quests which I execute the ones significant solo. There is nothing else. I have the right to do various other than the arena an obstacle but all of it in ~ the moment simply seems to it is in go death ten that this large creature. I have done the Echo one a couple of times but thats really rather tedious now.

So where do I acquire these other environment-friendly quests ? all I have tomorrow is the final bit of the cooking an obstacle on Island of Dawn. I even tried crafting and also gathering to view if that helped but I get no XP indigenous that. Ns did actually go to Tria and try a couple of the rock things however for me and the thral it was impossible. Ns am in the gear given to me in ~ 65. I have enchanted together high together I can but have now run out of gold. Its actually really hard come be honest finding things to do. Over there doesn"t seem to be any type of story associated questing at this level, just the daily items I have done for this reason far. So any assist would be appreciated.


You need to reach Itemlevel 439. After that you acquire a Storyquest which gives your course apex skills.

If you end up this Questline girlfriend get one more Questline introducing to the newest Content. You get daily Quest after doing the brand-new Story Quest.

You get brand-new Dailies and also Story quest after every level other than lvl 70

Lvl 65 Storyquest + 3 Yellow pursuit + 10 day-to-day quest

Lvl 66 Storyquest + 3 Yellow quest + 4 additonal day-to-day Quest (14 full daily)

Lvl 67 Storyquest + 3 Yellow quest + 4 additonal everyday Quest (18 total daily)

Lvl 68 Storyquest + 3 Yellow pursuit + 4 additonal daily Quest (22 complete daily)

Lvl 69 Storyquest + 3 Yellow quest + 4 additonal day-to-day Quest (26 complete daily)

Dailies gives roughly 2,5 - 10 % depending on level (2,5 on level 69).

Most of the time you level via Bam grind (but it"s just really worth through club 100% XP passive and also daily 100% raised XP Pot). There is no that ns wouldn"t even think around start grinding.

If you carry out dailies + grinding with club you get about 5 - 6% XP top top Lvl 69 (it"s a tiny bit more on the reduced levels)

If you execute this on daily basis you with Level 70 in around 3 weeks.

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But girlfriend only have to reach Level 68 because that now due to the fact that there is no recognize Dungeon i beg your pardon needs higher level than 68. (i suppose lvl 68 coming end of may, at an early stage june).

Lvl 1 - 65 was a piece cake but we have actually lvl 70 for roughly 1 month now. For this reason it"s basically new so ofc the takes longer. 1 - 60 in the past took atleast 3 - 4 weeks if you were a newb