“We’ll talk about who won the debate and who lost,” Tapper continued. “One thing for sure, the American world lost tonight. That was horrific.”

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper stated what we were all thinking on Tuesday night following the very first 2020 presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“That was a warm mess within a dumpster fire within a train wreck,” the veteran newsman stated minutes after the two guys exited the phase in Cleveland. “That was the worst debate I have ever seen.”

Tapper continued to walk off ~ above the night’s spectacle—which featured, among other things, the president refusing to condemn white supremacy—saying the “wasn’t also a debate” and also instead to be a “disgrace.”

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“And it’s primarily due to the fact that of chairman Trump,” that sighed, “who invested the entire time interrupting and also not abiding by the rules he i agree to. Lying. Maliciously attacking the child of the evil president. Once asked come condemn white supremacy, he carried up the name of a far-right group and said stand ago and was standing by.”

“We’ll talk about who won the debate and also who lost,” Tapper continued. “One point for sure, the American people lost tonight. That was horrific.”

CNN correspondent Dana Bash to be even an ext direct 보다 her colleague, speak Tapper took the words out of her mouth prior to using a little of profanity to explain the train wreck.

“I’m going come say it favor it is,” Bash declared. “That to be a shitshow. We’re top top cable. We have the right to say it. Apologies because that being crude. Yet that is yes, really the expression I’m getting from world on both sides of the aisle top top text and also the just phrase I have the right to think the to describe it.”

CNN political reporter Abby Phillip additionally agreed v the panel, calling the conflict a “complete disaster” and adding that Trump was the main perpetrator of the conflict devolving into an unwatchable mess.

“The president was really—I think in a an extremely agitated state,” she said. “Early ~ above in the debate. And also the tone to be set.”

Tapper jumped ago in to rap moderator chris Wallace for failing to save Trump in inspect throughout the debate, noting that Trump to be “rude” and also his behavior was “frankly embarrassing.”

“He didn’t have control of the dispute stage for much of the evening,” Tapper claimed of the Fox News anchor. “He didn’t remind the president he was violating the rules until one hour and also 13 minutes right into the debate.”