BD: i gotta remember that when I’m on the Race and this instance comes up.

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KB: you are an extremely tall so friend will most likely be ~ above the front and in control.


BD: We have the Detour first. Hoisting (fake) cows vs jumping a canal on a pole.

I’m surprised groups thought castle were handling real cows and also still chose that one.

KB: every the teams except Nic n Vic chose hoisting the cow. Both were an extremely physical jobs with a many cycling.

BD: Team Fun falls behind at an early stage getting lost.

KB: castle never shed if they don’t obtain lost here This to be the suggest that lost them the entirety thing. They most likely would have reached the board third and U Turned someone else.

BD: They discussed it earlier in the season, navigating is not their strong suit

KB: No, but they should have been able come either continue to be with the pack or ask

BD: They did seem pretty i was sure in their wrong direction

KB: yeah, it yes, really wasn’t good at all

BD: all the initial groups hoisting cows walk pretty well with acquiring them up in 40 seconds

KB: Colin to be a beast, an pure beast.


KB: While ns am entirely biased in favour the Team Fun, exactly how was she allowed to pass on either of she jumps?

BD: I assumed the point of it was getting over the canal, i beg your pardon admittedly have the right to be difficult, however I guess acquiring an inch of the ground is the very same thing, go figure

KB: us aren’t bitterness or anything

BD: not at all

U rotate Board

KB: Colin and also Christie and Tyler and Korey obtain to the U turn Board and decide to leaving it to the Afghanimals. This a an excellent decision for them both but I dislike that they made it

BD: They recognize after Victor target the Afghanimals in the U-turn vote, Leo and also Jamal will obtain revenge. I’m certain Leo and Jamal told everyone they would as well.

KB: however they can have U-Turned the Afghanimals and also then lock would have targeted Nic n Vic and Team funny would have actually survived!

BD: the does seem the the TAR teams are working together. Castle did take trip as a fill to the detour and also to the not named final challenge

KB: so the Afghanimals acquire to the U turn board and also U turn Nic n Vic who consequently U rotate Team Fun.

BD: think on the U revolve coming after ~ the detour?

KB: I always prefer the post-detour, even if the screwed united state this time.

BD: Same

KB: the rewards the performance not acquiring the ideal cab

KB: Nicole and Victor are off come hoist cows however Victor is a little exhausted indigenous doing every the pedalling earlier and also Team funny go earlier to jump the canal.

BD: They carry out it successfully but when they obtain all the method to the market are told one egg is slightly cracked


BD: Yes, so part of the canal task was grabbing eggs and also cheese and also taking it to a market. Impressive Race 101. When delivering anything, make sure it’s in good condition.

KB: lock again would have been ok had they simply checked and redone the jumping there not cycled both ways twice

BD: Exactly, a horrible misstep for Team Fun. Selfishly I want that salesman to simply accept the fucking egg but it to be cracked

KB: ns was so angry with him doing what the producer told him

BD: but Nicole deserve to pass because that bare minimum shit

KB: We’re not bitter

BD: no bitter at all

BD: Victor and Nicole fail the very first time cow hoisting

KB: well to it is in fair Victor got very close to prospering doing it alone

BD: ns don’t think Nicole even touched the rope because that the very first quarter of the task. They get it done soon after and maintain your lead over Team fun going right into a last task I fairly liked

Route mite 3 & Pit Stop

KB: The navigating of canals to collection 3 boats and also boat train them come an island was interesting. The Afghanimals did really poorly

BD: friend think they are rushing through tasks too fast? They have tendency to miss a lot of details

KB: ns think it’s a problem for sure, they struggle with staying calm too

BD: Colin and Christie fully smoked the task and also finish means ahead the Tyler and also Korey and also Leo and also Jamal

KB: ultimately a new winner!

BD: ns was happy to check out that. Tyler and Korey virtually injured a child with their steering

KB’s vacation snap that Rotterdam

BD: I’ll be going come Florida in August whereby everyone is no all nice and helpful and also sometimes demand you speak English

KB: I check out why you left!

BD: My an initial time ago in 3 years. I didn’t miss it lot with part exceptions

KB: The Afghanimals have some propeller problems but eventually finish third and then Nic n Vic come 4th and my love is broken.

BD: Nic n Vic almost caught the Afghanimals. They space looking choose the favorites come be got rid of next. My heart was damaged too and also an extra gut shot once Becca said this was a feasible non elim leg.

KB: Becca clearly has had too much fun in she life if her storage is the weak. Team Fun seemed pretty up beat over all.

Wrap Up

BD: This has actually been quite the journey. To fulfill on the show as strangers, connect immediately, end up being close friends and do the again is actual awesome to view play out. And also never forget they gained Phil to rap

KB: Their finish of illustration rap as really bad and it was hilarious.As someone who has made amazing friends by watching reality tv, it sounds amazing to have gone on a tv show and also made a friend favor that. The Perfect Strangers season to be a an extremely weird one, but it developed Team Fun and that team is sufficient for it be one of my favourites

BD: A weird however fun season (no pun intended). Ns really believe they will certainly play for a third time if the present survives

KB: ns really expect so too. Becca is among the toughest, strongest ladies who have actually raced and also Floyd is a fucking delight

BD: agreed on both fronts. They lug joy to the show and that is needed. We have actually a two hour finale next week

KB: I’m positive we shed the Afghanimals

BD: i think us will. That is winning the season though? In the preseason we both guess Tyler and also Korey

KB: I might see anyone other than the Afghanimals winning

BD: Yeah, there is a case for 3 teams. I favor Tyler and Korey but I uncover myself rooting because that Colin and Christie to take it all.

KB: i feel like Tyler & Korey were robbed in your season however they don’t feel prefer they’ve had a huge edit

BD: they don’t have the same story together Colin and Christie or the ups and downs together Nicole and also Victor. They are just really good

KB: and really fun

BD: Agreed

KB: however we haven’t yes, really been presented their loss in the very first season, or given a feeling of growth and redemption

BD: It will be exciting to see exactly how it dram out

KB: ns still check out the Afghanimals coming 4th!

BD: bad Pablo. But yay for you not having to eat her hat. Ns don’t think BJ would’ve wanted to cover because that you under those dig circumstances.

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KB: No more than likely not. Additionally I did say “finale” not top 3? am ns safe?

BD: you are.

KB: woohooo!

BD: mine music recommendation of the mainly is Amber Mark. She’s remained in my ear a many lately and hopefully in anyone else’s ears soon