GRE: The best method to teach is come praise positive actions and also ignore an adverse ones.Write a an answer in i m sorry you discuss the level to which girlfriend agree or disagree through the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and also supporting her position, describe details circumstances in which adopting the reference would or would not it is in advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position.I agree v this statement to a certain extent. The best means to teach should consist of of a very effective feedback system, whereby student conveniently learn what is ideal through encouragement and what is dorn through ideal critique. While that is true that praising confident actions is a huge part of teaching, an adverse actions need to not it is in ignored. Instead, negative actions have to be discussed for the college student to prevent repeating the mistake and also learn the correct method to perform it.Positive actions must be praised and hence motivated so the the student proceeds to do an ext of it. For example, when finding out to drive, constantly check the rearview mirrors and blind political parties before turning is a an excellent habit and also can assist avoid a potential auto accident. A teacher praising the college student is transferring out hopeful reinforcement that this behaviour, where the college student would proceed doing or even do much more of this action, for this reason facilitating the learning process.However, teaching is no a one-way road, an adverse actions or mistakes need to be pointed out proactively so the the student have the right to avoid repeating it. Utilizing the driving instance again, maybe the student has actually a habit of swerving the auto away as soon as a automobile overtakes the on the side. This have the right to be a very dangerous habit to have as he can then crash into an additional car which wake up to be driving close to on the other side. If ignored, this student can not even notice this mistake and also continue control this way, endangering the stays of many. Hence, an adverse actions need to be spicy out and made aware to the students because that his improvement.Lastly, the usual saying, "to learn from her mistake" ring true in this case. One of the best ways to find out is to discover from wrongdoings. An adverse actions not only needs to be pointed out, it have to be actively corrected through the alternate behavior teach to the student. If the negative actions space ignored, the student will never ever learn just how to carry out it the exactly way. Tutorial questions in classes are marked and climate corrected, to teach the students wherein they have gone wrong and also what are the appropriate solutions.Therefore, teaching have to be both a pull and also push, whereby praise is given when the student does right and critique must be doled out where mistakes room made. A balanced technique that provides feedback accordingly would serve to straight the student towards success many effectively.Any feedback is much appreciated, many thanks so much in advance!!

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Hey I simply took the GRE 2 weeks ago and I got a 6 in the writing section. I think the finest advice that ns can provide you is the you have to either agree or disagree, even if you execute not. Girlfriend are much more likely to acquire a 6 since you took just one side, making it harder come argue. Just something to think around though, you deserve to obviously gain a 6 if you write well and also make precious points.I to be really not a good writer for this reason advice is yes, really all I deserve to offer. I carry out think you have the right to benefit more from transitioning in every paragraph. You seem to simply start a new paragraph but you absolutely need the to circulation better.Good luck!
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