The 2nd episode the The Boondocks dropped Monday night and also I was extensively disappointed. I’d prefer to to speak there to be some an excellent jokes but the composing was stale. Ns hoping the illustration get better after this one. If not, this is going to be a lengthy season. Without additional ado, let’s acquire into the recap.

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Grandad is moving out that Woodcrest. The announces come the boys that his arrangement to get a young Stiviano and also watch The Price is best reruns (because i understand of nothing more indicative that a quiet life) has actually failed. Riley is quick to agree yet Huey sniffs out the truth, Grandad is broke. He determined to refinance his residence with an flexible mortgage and now owes numerous dollars to Ed Wuncler Jr.


Ed Wuncler Jr. And also Vanderbilt come by to settle the debt

I’m gonna avoid right below for a second to say that this to be the first sign that the episode wouldn’t be that great. If there’s one point Grandad loves the his money, and also keeping it choose that. Make a cheap man broke would take more than a cute commercial. But this is The Boondocks so ns figured the illustration would revolve itself around.

Uncle Ruckus, Woodcrest’s newest mayoral candidate, stop by to obstacle it in and also use the Freemans as an instance of what the does not want in Woodcrest, poor Black people. Quickly after Ed Wuncler Jr. And his assistant Vanderbilt come through to discuss the terms of repayment. He requirements $52,000.47 in a month. Grandad balks in ~ this amount however is coaxed into agreeing come the timeline. Together Wuncler Jr. Exits, Vanderbilt stops and also gives the Freemans a sound piece of advice, “Nothing is walk to be okay. Listen to me. Fake her deaths. Execute you hear me? Fake your deaths.” in ~ this point I’m hope the authors take their own advice but I digress…


Grandad and the boys in their brand-new home, the garage

Ed Wuncler Jr. Comes earlier a month later on to discover nothing however a briefcase through maybe sufficient money to get a venti Oprah chai latte inside. As soon as again i was wonder what happened during that month. It would have actually been nice to check out Riley and also Huey gain into some shenanigans trying to raise that lot money in a month. Rather Wuncler Jr. Supplies Grandad a method out, renting out the rooms. Grandad agrees and moves right into his garage. The rental from the tenants tho isn’t do a dent therefore Grandad walk something more desperate. He it s okay a job. Grandad tries functioning at Uncle Ruckus’s vehicle wash, but is laid turn off after one day. Now even his priceless toilet is rented out and Grandad is no hope to gain his residence back. Wuncler Jr. Takes advantage of his desperation and also easily persuades that to sign a terrible loan, doubling his debt. The is noþeles but an excellent times because that the Freemans together they wallow in the garage. Once Wuncler Jr. Comes ago to check on Freemans, that sees that not much progress is gift made. Uncle Ruckus, constantly a action behind, come in through a suggestion to liberate Grandad indigenous his debt. Slavery, or together Ed says, investing in people. Grandad indicators himself into slavery.

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Good times for Uncle Ruckus, slavery is back!

This is whereby I can barely think what i was watching. Where was the satirical element of the episode? ns couldn’t find any kind of cheeky digs in ~ the banks or the state of mortgage rates today. It to be Grandad getting gained over and also over and also over again. Grandad is a fool, selfish and also runs away from responsibility at every turn, however it was tough to think he’d authorize himself into slavery. What was also worse about this illustration was Huey and also Riley’s absence of scheming. Lock are infamous for reasoning of to plan or make the efforts to help themselves out of a bad situation, also if their plans are half-baked. The was choose Uncle Ruckus composed the episode. I was hoping that the lukewarm debut was no indicative that the rest of the season, but this second episode to be a huge disappointment.

Am ns being also harsh? What room your thoughts on this episode?