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"Sleepwalking" is a track by American electronic rock group The Chain gang of 1974. The was created by the group"s frontman Kamtin Mohager together with James Bailey, Rami Jrade and also Ryan Ogren. The track was originally recorded by Mohager for his third studio album, Daydream Forever, wherein it appears as the 3rd track. "Sleepwalking" was first released as a remixed version of the Daydream Forever track, included on the 2013 soundtrack-compilation album The Music of grand Theft Auto V, where it appeared as the closing track on the first "volume" the the album. A "Sleepwalking" promotion single, special the Daydream Forever monitor of the very same name, was released through Warner Bros. Records to US modern rock radio ~ above February 4, 2014, serving together the second release by Mohager in promo of Daydream Forever, complying with the 2013 single, "Miko". A later on "Sleepwalking" single was released in the United says by Warner Bros. On march 18, 2014. The three-track solitary features "Sleepwalking" and also acoustic "Daydreamer" versions of Daydream Forever tracks "You" and also "Sleepwalking".more »

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Destiny turned she faceNightmares and violent shapesState of dreaming has left me numbBlue eyes and also wandering lipsTrue lies through fingertipsHidden story of forbiddenLoveYou"ve left me miserableMiserableMiserableMis-er-a-bleLoveYou"ve left me miserableMiserableMiserableMis-er-a-bleMaybe we"re simply sleepwalkingMaybe we"re simply sleepwalkingVisions of better timesKingdoms and lilac wineWhy walk God failTo enhance usTeardrops of mountain rainBurning down v my veinsCan"t I just sleep for nowNowDespite my fears i dance because that youAnd did what rather knewIWould careWould waitAnd live againMore desperateDesperateYeahMaybe we"re simply sleepwalkingMaybe we"re simply sleepwalkingYeahMaybe we"re just sleepwalkingMaybe we"re simply sleepwalkingMaybe we"re just sleepwalking(Now regardless of my fears ns dance for you)Maybe we"re just sleepwalkingMaybe we"re simply sleepwalking(Oh would treatment would wait and live again)Maybe we"re just sleepwalkingMaybe we"re just sleepwalkingMaybe we"re simply sleepwalking

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The Chain gang of 1974 The Chain gang of 1974 is the indietronica project of American musician and DJ, Kamtin Mohager. "The Chain corridor of 1974" can also be in referral to Kamtin Mohager himself.

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Mohager was elevated in Hawaii and also Colorado, and also currently stays in Los Angeles, California. An ext »