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Title: The Environment and also You (2nd Edition) - ...

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Publisher: Pearson

Publication Date: 2019

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition: new

Edition: second Edition


around the Author:

Lissa Leege is a Professor of Biology and also the starting director of the facility for Sustainability at Georgia southern University. She earned she undergraduate level in Biology native St. Olaf College and also received her Ph.D. In tree Ecology in ~ Michigan State University. Her eco-friendly research comes to threats to rarely plants, consisting of the results of fire and invasive varieties on endangered plant populations and communities. She has likewise conducted 20 years of research study on the results of invasive pines ~ above the sand dunes that Lake Michigan and the subsequent recovery of this system adhering to invasive types removal.

Lissa was instrumental in the advancement of an Interdisciplinary Concentration in ecological Sustainability because that undergraduates at Georgia Southern. Under she direction, the facility for Sustainability engages the campus in an annual “No influence Week” and reaches the community with an yearly GreenFest celebration, and a durable sustainability speaker series.

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Lissa is affiliated with the environment on a statewide level together a member the the 2013 course of the Institute for Georgia ecological Leadership and also a starting member of the Georgia Campus Sustainability Network. She offer on a local tree board, and also as a board member because that Georgia Southern’s factory Garden.

Lissa has actually taught non-majors environmental Biology because that 16 years with an emphasis on just how students can contribute to eco-friendly solutions. In 2006, she created an Environmental business Learning project, with which thousands of environmental Biology students have involved in tens of thousands of hours of environmental company in the neighborhood community. Lissa was honored through both college and also university company awards and has offered as a faculty fellow in Service-Learning. She also teaches principles of Biology, biological of Plants, and also graduate level sustainability courses, and also Study overseas sustainability process in Italy. Her contributions to this publication have been inspired by her enthusiasm for engaging college student in confident solutions to ecological problems.

Author norm Christensen is not just a world-class scientist (elected fellow of the American Association for the breakthrough of Science, is the establishing dean of the Nicholas college of the Environment, and also served together president that the Ecological culture of America) but is also a gifted and dedicated teacher who has taught the introductory ecological science course for over 15 years and also won a differentiated Teaching Award. He grew up in Fresno, California and also received his abdominal and multiple sclerosis from California State University, Fresno. His phd is from college of California, Santa Barbara and his research study experience spans ar ecology, disturbance and succession, ecosystem management, sustainable forest management, and also forest fires. That is a professor at battle each other University.

AWARDS and also HONORS: 1977 battle each other Endowment award for to teach Excellence 1989 E.V. Komarek Lecturer, tall Timbers Fire Ecology Conference 1991 A. Starker Leopold Award, national Park Service— Yellowstone 1991 differentiated Teaching Award, Trinity university of Arts and also Sciences, fight it out University 1993 Fellow, American Association for the development of science 1994 distinguished Scholar Award, organic Sciences, California State University, Fresno 1995 distinguished Alumnus Award, California State University, Fresno 2002-2005 vice President for Finance, The Ecological culture of America 2004 Honorary physician of Science, The university of Wooster, Wooster, five 2005 Clarence Korstian Award, fight it out Forest 2006 Walton Lecturer, university of Virginia 2008 President, Ecological society of America

BOARDS and also COMMITTEES 1993 national Science Foundation, Long-term environmental Research Program, Ten-year evaluation Panel 1993-1999 Chair, nationwide Academy of sciences Committee ~ above the Environmental problems in forest Management in the Pacific Northwest 1993-1995 Chair, Ecological society of America, Committee on Ecosystem administration 1993-1995 Sierra Nevada Ecosystem task Team 1993-present board of Trustees, north Carolina Nature Conservancy 1993-present board of Directors, The Conservation money 1994-1995 national Geographic culture Panel top top Non-point-Source Pollution and also Water quality 1995 Chair, State of phibìc Carolina Wetlands Task force 1997 Co-chair, federal Advisory Committee ~ above the California Spotted Owl 1997-2004 us Nuclear rubbish Technical evaluation Board (appointed through President bill Clinton) 1999-present board of Directors, sources for the Future 1999-2004 plank of Governors, The north Carolina Museum of herbal Sciences 2001-2003 board of Trustees, The Triangle soil Conservancy 2001-2003 board of Trustees, The Forest history Society 2000-2008 national Commission on science for Sustainable Forestry, Chair (2001-2003) 2003-2008 Advisory Panel, State of the Nation’s Ecosystems Project, man Heinz Center. 2003-2009 plank of Trustees, environmental Defense money 2003-2009 Sustainable Forestry plank 2007 U.S national Forest company Fire Research program Review dashboard (Chair)

SERVICE TO expert SOCIETIES Editorial Board, American Midland Naturalist, 1979-1986 Chairman, Vegetation Section, Ecological culture of America, 1985-87 Awards Committee, Mercer Award, Ecological society of America, 1988-1989 Editorial Board, newspaper of Vegetation Science, 1989-94 Editorial Board, newspaper of Wildland Fire, 1992-1996 Editorial Board, Ecosystem Health, 2000-2002 vice President because that Finance, Ecological culture of America, 2002-2005 governing Board, Ecological society of America, 2002-2009 President, Ecological society of America, 2007-8