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Tonight on Freeform their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all brand-new Tuesday, February 7, season 4 episode 12 called, “Dream a small Dream,” and we have your weekly The Fosters recap below. Top top tonight’s illustration as per the Freeform synopsis, “Jesus (Noah Centineo) has actually a nightmare the he’s can not to save Mariana while he’s unconscious in ~ the hospital. Meanwhile, Stef and also Lena learn that Callie (Maia Mitchell) is in legitimate trouble; Mariana looks for comfort indigenous Mat and Brandon make the efforts to hold the household together.”

So make certain to come ago to this spot in between 8PM and 9PM ET because that our The Fosters recap. While girlfriend wait because that our recap make certain to examine out every our The Fosters news, videos, pics, spoiler & more, right here!

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Jesus wakes sweaty indigenous a dream. The hospital alarms room going off. Nobody is around. He calls out and also doesn’t acquire an answer. The sees a younger variation of Mariana ~ above a staircase. She speak him to follow her. Stef and also Lena room leaning over him together he dreams.

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At the police station, Callie is still gift questioned. Meanwhile, the remainder of the youngsters are at home. Brandon indicate they clean. Castle ask Mariana about Nick. Jude asks if the is outside of your house, stalking them. Mariana calls him a pot head, the calls she a pill head.

Troy comes right into the station with his lawyer. He lies come the police, blaming every little thing on Callie. Making her look erratic and out the control. Meanwhile, Callie is in the other room with the the contrary story. Troy says that Callie caused the accident.

Mike brings a purp right into the station. Castle ask him about Callie. Mike is mad that they room questioning she without Stef present. In ~ the hospital, Lena is prepared to rest the news about Brandon and Julliard when Jesus’ maker begins beeping. The nurse speak them he has air in his line. They action out because that coffee.

Mariana it s okay a text from Mat. That is in the shed. She meets him out there. Lock talk about Nick. She tells him she quiet loves that (Mat). She desires to have actually sex. He asks her if she is sure.

Callie indicators the police declare without her moms. The officer look at pleased with himself. Lena asks the nurse if Jesus’ swelling has actually gone down. That hasn’t. That is tho in a dream. The is in search of Lena in the house. She disappears. He sees Brandon make out through his girlfriend. She tells him that is too dumb because that her. Deck the halls starts to pat while that tries to find the young Mariana. She shows up in the college hall and also warns him – “don’t permit him gain you.” its Nick in a santa suit through a bell the turns into a gun.

Stef and Lena questioning further around the swelling. The nurse speak them not to worry. The is normal. Christmas music theatre in the background. Lena turned it on.

Brandon asks Jude what taken place the other day once he was running from the pier. Jude speak him that was smoking cigarettes pot. Brandon tells him it will certainly screw up his brain. Brandon desires to understand where the nice child went? when Jude moved in he was so sweet.

Stef heads to the station after Mike texts her. She gets right into a problem with the officers who questioned Callie. Castle act together if they walk nothing wrong. She speak Callie whatever will be every right. She will deal with it – just don’t answer any questions.

Callie is booked because that the hit and also run. She is brought into get her finger prints taken prior to she is frisked and given a bed with various other girls in juvenile detention. Meanwhile, Lena breaks down to a finish stranger in the hospital who daughter is there. The anxiety is getting to her.

Brandon offers Jude an update the following day. Great news – Jesus is act well. They take it the bolt the end of his head. He just needs to wake up. Mike mirrors up. He wants to make them breakfast and also tell them about Callie.

Stef and also Lena get one more update. The physicians want to put him top top a cooling blanket. He has actually a fever. Stef is angry that they store trying things and also don’t have a concrete answer around Jesus’ condition. Lena steps in to avoid Stef indigenous talking.

Stef goes out to the wait room to watch the kids. She speak them around Callie and Jesus. Jesus us still in the middle of a dream. That sees his moms in a church. Someone is in a casket – that is Mariana. His mother tell him it is every his fault – they wish it was him the died. The sees him and Mariana in a crib once they to be babies. Tiny Mariana tells him the he fail – that was an alleged to conserve her.

At the hospital, Mariana speak Jesus’ girlfriend that she was appropriate – the is all her fault. Jesus is in a coma due to the fact that of her. Nick no at the festival. She was hallucinating. She to be messed up – she is still really messed up.

Callie gets invite to a party by a girl in juvie. She tells she she no interested. Lena and Stef speak to Jesus. Castle tell the to wake up. That is quiet dreaming. That is dark, he is in his hospital gown. Voices come indigenous all about – Jesus, wake up. Take my hand. Wake up up. He opens his eyes. Stef and Lena talk to him and also he tries to talk back but his decided is scrambled.

Brandon look at Jesus’ girlfriend lug Mariana a brown bag. The is suspicious.

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Lena goes come the strangers’ daughter’s room to uncover her and thank her for comforting her. The woman’s husband describes that the woman’s mother passed away years ago. To be she talk to an angel?

In court, Callie’s case is called. The judge currently has lock pegged. That doesn’t want to listen the story of Callie and Troy. He desires to keep Callie in juvie until the following hearing. The other lawyer calls for a fitness hearing. Stef is in shock.