I"m a killer, cold and also wrathful silent sleeper, I"ve to be inside your bedroom I"ve murdered half the town left you love notes on their headstones I"ll fill the graveyards until I have you.

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Moonlight walking, ns smell your softness carnivorous and lusting to track you down amongst the pines. I desire you stuffed into my mouth organize you down and also tear girlfriend open, live within you - love, I"d never ever hurt you. However I"ll grind versus your bones until our marrows mix I will eat you slowly... Oh, the horror of our love never so lot blood pulled v my veins.
Oh, the fear of our love... Never ever so much blood ns wake in terror, blackbirds screaming Dark sanctuaries spilling midnight on your altars I"m your servant, mine immortal pale and also perfect, together unholy heaving - the statues close their eyes, the room is transforming break my skin and drain me. Old language, speak v fingers the terrible edges wherein you end and I begin
inside your mouth ns cannot see - there"s disastrous in whatever I"m emotional As ns sweat and crush you. And also I organize your beating chambers till they win no an ext you die favor angels sing... Oh, the fear of our love never so lot blood pulled through my veins. Oh, the fear of ours love... Never ever so lot blood You"re a ghost love, nightgown flowing her body blue and walking along the continental shelf
you space a dream amongst the sharks beautiful and also terrifying, lit and restless we dance in dark suspension. And you ask me in the s floor beneath you where they"ll never ever hear united state scream... Oh, the horror of our love never so lot blood pulled with my veins. Oh, the horror of ours love... Never ever so much blood





Taken accurate this tune is fucking horrifying. Symbolically? Romantic and sexual. Are we sure Ludo is no willing to appropriate metal?

RIP Pattykake i will always have this song. A small piece that you. You room gone method too soon. A bright bright light and also future charred out so young. So lot talent and also wisdom. Together a method with indigenous in the type of track lyrics.

the lyrics are prefer something indigenous a rammstein song yet the critical is choose chilled out pre hiatus autumn out boy

REAL surprised no one has actually made a death Stalking reference. This fits Sangwoo and Yoon Bum to A FUCKING T.

Only thing that might make this song much better would it is in some split audio at the parts with the the very least instrumental.

This song is basically the connection every guy and also female desires if the was not taboo and also didn"t finish up v the female obtaining board and the male wishing they can just stable down

The factor why the is so beautiful is bc it’s about breaking out of our bodies and connecting ~ above a level through souls. His love transcends physical and is spiritual through his lover.

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spotify play me this tune out of nowhere and I was so touched by the sentiment after gift frightened initially

been listening come this for two years and also only recently has the gift movie come the end that i realize this totally sounds favor Venom"s weird af internal dialogue

I provided to choose this song since it made me think the vampires and also horror biology stories, yet then ns was harassed and stalked through a creepy a--hole... So... Yeah... I believed the nightmares and never feeling it s okay walking under a street were poor enough. This week, ns was reminded that this song and then got to "enjoy" realizing the this creep has damaged even this because that me. And also it"s not simply this song. My whole view that the world has been skewed horribly. SMH.

If he"s the vampire, then why walk he speak "I"m her servant mine immortal"? Or is the other person the vampire? I"m so confused