The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars is a more streamlined Idolmaster experience. The nowhere near as facility or strict together previous games. As long as you proceed moving forward and also working through your heroines, mainly by sending out them the end to perform and occasionally through training or promotion endeavors, you’ll succeed. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know exactly how the game works. Also if her Japanese isn’t perfect, the still feasible to reap its rhythmic elements!


Building a Group

In The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars, you start with one idol. When the game begins, you’ll input her name, pick one personality to work with and also choose your an initial song. Don’t issue if this seems limiting. As your producer rank rises and the game proceeds, you’ll be may be to include the other characters and also tracks to your collection. There space 13 heroines to pick from and also five song to start. Every the girl are quite balanced, in terms of stats, and all of the initial songs have the right to be carry out by solo artists, duos, trios and also quintets, so go v whichever ones appeal most to you.

The an initial thing The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars will execute is have you arrange a Live performance. This tasks, for absence of a far better word, appear under the microphone icon in the key menu. The only option in ~ the outset is The Debut, which will have actually your very first idol carry out the very first song you determined at the Debut challenge level, introducing her come the world, earning her some experience and also getting friend her very first fan. After ~ confirming the activity, you return to the main menu and also select the left many performance icon, which has a young mrs holding a microphone, to perform.

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After her first few successful performances, you will do it be provided the possibility to pick to much more characters in rapid succession and name your group. Choose wisely, due to the fact that these three will it is in the only ones you’ll be making use of for around the next hour. Again, they’re all balanced, so choose the ones you think room cutest and also have the best voices.


Daily Activities

Once you have actually a trio, it’s time to get acquainted with The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars’s various other offerings. We’ve currently gone over the resides you can arrange. But, there are other avenues idols deserve to enjoy. It’s possible to send your existing lead singer out on promotions or to workshops by selecting activity Select. That the icon that looks favor a scheduling book with a pencil on height of it. Promotions sends the girl out to an event or on one interview, while giving you a scheduling publication with dice reduce on height of it. Effectively “rolling” certain numbers determines just how well it goes, result in particular numbers of fans. Minigames needs a details monetary investment, then lets you enhance icons or input button presses to raise the girls’ idol stats, prefer appeal or omoide, or assist them earn extr experience.

Eventually, you’re going to have access to all 13 idols. The a lot of of civilization to keep organized; you’ll desire to try and store them every at the same level and also rank. I m sorry is wherein the setting menu choice comes in handy. The icon with a microphone and sheet of paper with a inspect on it lets you divide your obtainable icons into preset groups. Girlfriend swap command singers here, which permits you to evenly rank up and train characters. This is likewise where girlfriend arrange your duo, trio and also quartet group. It’s no the many exciting element of the game, however is important. You can put together outfits through the apparel option, stood for by the coat hanger, species the group by picking the three girls, kinds a song by going to the musical notes and also use items by picking the wing.


Tailor Oshitate is The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars’s shop. It’s represented by the dress on the stand. Here, friend can incorporate duplicates of existing outfits and also accessories to produce improved execution of the items, craft brand-new dresses through tickets you knife or buy new items. The an initial two are more than likely the many important. The former allows you to level increase existing items, enhancing their appeal by spending some money and giving up a duplicate, enabling older outfits and also accessories to stay relevant. The latter is a price for great Live performances.

The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars’s stage For You, stylized together S4U top top its icon, allows you see the characters perform there is no the press of doing well in a Live first. You choose the outfit, performers, song and stage, then get to watch your group do the thing. You deserve to arrange the camera angles and appeals, developing your appropriate music video.

The various other The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars menu choices have to deal with in-game mails, DLC and online activities. Castle aren’t crucial to success. Also, play the video game while logged into a non-Japanese account will keep you from any kind of online aspects anyway. Walk ahead and also pretend they no there.


Lives are everything.

Perform as plenty of Lives together possible. Repeat completed resides with a various idol as your leader, to help build up she fanbase and also experience levels. Your goal below is to have at least five characters you have the right to really counting on in The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars. While you have the right to take part in promotions or train, you have the right to earn as countless fans through continuous performances. Doing well in the promotions minigame, whereby you roll the dice, is all up to luck. Leveling and also ranking up characters will build their fame and also abilities. Rely on your music an abilities to carry you with this affair.

Also, nothing be fear to fail. Sometimes, the going come happen. Specifically with an all Star performance, where all of the 765 idols step out on phase to sing. These are personalities you haven’t had a chance to work-related with yet, who at this point only earn endure from this sorts the events. The first time girlfriend fail, you have actually an alternative of rearranging her character’s outfits and retrying. Take the chance. In the worst instance scenario, girlfriend learn more about a song’s nuances and see how you deserve to improve following time.

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The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars is probably the most import-friendly entry in the series. The menu icons all have actually images linked with them. It’s easy to autumn into a regimen that will assist carry you with the game. That focuses an ext on playing with songs the shaping personalities with exactly answers, promotions and also classes. If you’ve always wondered about this series, this can be a good place come start.