Every morning if you walk to Starbucks to gain coffeeI be at the bank like, obtain this cash turn off meMy automobile so new, however my money therefore oldMy grill iced out, so mine barbecue's cold3-2-1: blast off, friend bastardsSpaceship doors, mine garage is NASAHedgehog game: ns am much fasterYou space a lizard, ns am a raptorWhen i hit the club or the stage, i party hardWitness hoes naked, like daily was Mardi GrasSee, I'm 17, and I have an accountantYou're 17, however you get an allowanceWhen I view pussy... I'm poundin'What else would certainly you expect from Tha Joker, clowningBankin' end here, what you want to drink honeyBlow stacks for this reason it's choose I give head to mine moneyI'm a studio geek, Urkel, Ned FlandersCar sit low, chameleon salmanderJoker beats, lock up offer 3White girl trunk stand Marshall Mathers LPEven mine haters, covertly they feeling meLast surname West, there's nothing you can tell meI to be super sexy in mine white tee or my wife bBurn so plenty of trees, Smokey bear doesn't favor meLet's be honest, that really wanna hit me?You have the right to throw balls however I bet you won't win meLook into that future, check out me in the BentleyCheck my bank account: don't I have actually plenty?My hoes won't hump you, they're for this reason stingyI would recognize you, but I'm not friendlyBoys N The Hood flow, South main rhymeGodfather delivery, Scarface mindBasically what I'm speak is I'm among a kindIf you thinkin' 'bout battling me, ya thinkin' 'bout dyin'Fakes, phony, please avoid tryingI parade my gangster, what space you implying?She have the right to feel my bone all on she spineOrgasm, earlier spasms: she directly cryingI fuck v ladies, i won't even watch whoresDon't shiver hands, reason you prolly didn't wash yoursThis shit is easy, I might do it in my slumberAnd ns make so much money, ns should have a pen numberDumb and Dumber; whereby is her hunger?Veggie eating bitch, here's my cucumberClose your mouth, hear to me thunderI am a pirate, I'm throwing my plunderBlack Pearl gangster, southern side legendYou gonna require a notebook for every these lessonsTeacher, preacher, deacon, reverendWhole cursed Kenmore in my bezzleI am the biggest there will ever beMe to the laboratory game, is like fatback to peasChopper, semi, cocking, blastingI flip birds: bluejay gymnasticsStreet cred test? i motherfuckin' passed itAt the very least 20 grand in one of these elasticsI really don't like as soon as haters throw sodiumI to be the shit, please pass the ImodiumA-D, pat me, you couldn't execute it safelyI manage the Roc, contact me the new Jay-Z