The last Jedi Doesn't have actually A Post-Credits scene - however You should Stick approximately Star Wars: The critical Jedi walk not have a post-credits scene, yet that doesn"t typical you should leave the minute the credits start to roll.

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Star Wars: The last Jedi has a whopping two-and-a-half hours runtime, making the the longest Star wars film by a good fifteen minutes. After every that space opera epicness, perform you need to stick approximately through the an extensive production names for one last post-credits scene?

The critical Jedi is a most things. It"s the eighth chronological entry in the Skywalker Saga (ninth live-action Star Wars film thanks to Rogue One and tenth theatrical release as result of The Clone Wars), which means it"s no just complying with up The pressure Awakens but building ~ above the entirety of George Lucas" initial six films. And, looking forward, it"s leading in the direction of J.J. Abrams Episode IX, and also director Rian Johnson"s freshly commissioned independent trilogy (not to cite Solo, i m sorry is out in simply over 5 months). V all the weight both past and also future, it"s easy to imagine Lucasfilm sneaking something in.

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But, like Yoda called Luke in The empire Strikes Back, Episode VIII keeps its mental on the now: Star Wars: The last Jedi go not have a post-credits scene. Of course, choose all vault films, we get an extra ten minutes or so of john Williams" incomparable score, i m sorry melds the key theme, standard motifs and brand-new tracks to create a wonderful Last Jedi suite that fans should absolutely stick roughly for, however you"re no getting any type of extra footage. That said, the does have actually something quite awesome for fans.

There Is A Dedication come Carrie Fisher

following Carrie Fisher"s tragic death at the end of 2016, there"s to be much discussion had about her future in the franchise. In the end, the was made decision The last Jedi - which had finished filming prior to she died - would be unaltered and Episode IX would certainly be restructured to pivot away from Leia. In the real world, she got an incredibly touching tribute in ~ Star battles Celebration 2017, wherein John Williams conducted a surprised piece and also daughter billie Lourd yielded a touching eulogy.

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It comes full circle through The critical Jedi, i m sorry is obviously Fisher"s last film in the saga and also is committed to the actress. At the finish of the an initial set of credits but before the key scroll, a cyan title card comes up speak "In Loving storage of ours Princess: Carrie Fisher", one that is certain to get countless a round-of-applause on opening weekend. In addition, Johnson dedicated the premiere to Fisher, honoring the star that couldn"t it is in there.

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