The last of united state fans are praising HBO because that the level of detail found in a shot of Joel and also Ellie in the upcoming The last of united state TV show.

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Following the release of our very first look in ~ Joel and Ellie in the upcoming The critical of us HBO series, fans of The last of Us have noticed tiny details that show up identical to the game. In the new shot, we see Joel and also Ellie - aka Pedro Pascal and also Bella Ramsey - with their backs to the camera looking right into the street at what shows up to be a crashed plane. Something not actually discovered in the very first The critical of us game.

What fans are an ext concerned with, however, is the level of detail found ~ above Joel’s backpack. As mutual in The last of Us devoted subreddit, one fan uncovered that Pascal’s backpack had actually duct tape and also general wear and also tear in the precise same locations as Joel does in cheeky Dog’s post-apocalyptic game.

Accuracy seems to it is in a theme with The last of us TV present as recent set photos that the manufacturing look as if it"s been designed to look incredibly similar to the game. If that isn’t reassurance enough that this HBO display is likely to honor its resource material, actor Jeffrey Pierce - who played Tommy in the games and also will be playing a brand-new character in the collection - has said that the scripts for the show he’s check out are "breathtaking."

It was additionally recently announced the The last of united state creator and Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann will certainly be serving as among the show’s directors. Druckmann, together with Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin, that will it is in acting as a writer and producer that the upcoming show, means that the series is most likely in good hands.

Ever wondered what a The last of us animated tv show might have looked like? take it a look in ~ this The critical of united state fan-made anime adaptation to uncover out.

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