Theodore Roosevelt merely wrote one “X” above one to mark sentence: “The light has actually gone out of my life”, 1884.

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On February 14, 1884, Theodore Roosevelt obtained a terrible news, his wife and mother passed away within hours of one one more in the Roosevelt house in new York City. His mother, age 50, yielded to typhus, and also his mam Alice passed away at the age of 22 offering birth to she namesake.

The complying with diary entries lovingly describe his courtship, wedding, happiness in marriage, and also his grief over the fatality of his wife Alice. In his ever-present pocket diary on February 14, 1884, Theodore Roosevelt just wrote an “X” above one highlight sentence: “The light has actually gone out of my life“.

Roosevelt had been referred to as by telegram earlier to brand-new York City indigenous Albany where he was a brand-new York State Assemblyman. The problem was his mother’s fading health. Alice had actually just provided birth to a infant girl 2 days earlier.

But by the moment Theodore got to his home at 6 West Fifty-seventh street, Alice’s problem had bring away a severe downward turn. He to be greeted in ~ the door by his brother, Elliott, who ominously told him that “there is a curse top top this house”.

And so the seemed. Roosevelt’s no yet 50-year-old mother, Mittie, was downstairs burning up through a fever from typhoid. And also upstairs, his lovely Alice, scarcely may be to recognize him to be dying that undiagnosed Bright’s disease.

Alice passed away two work after your daughter was born from an undiagnosed case of kidney failure (in those days referred to as Bright’s disease), which had actually been masking by the pregnancy. His mommy Mittie died of typhoid fever on the exact same day, at 3:00 am, part eleven hours earlier, in the exact same house.


His wife: Alice Hathaway Lee, chairman Theodore Roosevelt, his mother: Martha Stewart “Mittie” Bulloch.

Since he first cast his eyes upon Alice’s face in 1878, Theodore Roosevelt had actually filled pages that his diary by writing about her nearly as often as that thought about her. He detailed the most basic expressions, the the smallest acts that recognition, the quietest smiles, the loudest silences, and every action that led to a memory that they could replay again-and-again later on that they had planned together.

After his wife died, Roosevelt not only never spoke her name again, yet never permitted anyone else to speak her surname in his presence. That had their daughter, Alice Longworth Roosevelt, who never heard she father speak her mother’s name. His id was, and also he called this to a friend who also lost his wife, the the pain had actually to be buried as deep inside as possible or it would ruin you. This is the opposite of the existing opinion that feelings must be shared.

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In a short, privately published tribute come Alice, Roosevelt wrote:

She was beautiful in face and also form, and also lovelier quiet in spirit; as a flower she grew, and also as a same young flower she died. Her life had actually been constantly in the sunshine; there had actually never involved her a single sorrow; and none ever knew her who did no love and revere her for the bright, sunny temper and also her saintly unselfishness. Fair, pure, and joyous as a maiden; loving, tender, and also happy. Together a young wife; as soon as she had actually just end up being a mother, when her life appeared to be simply begun, and when the years seemed so bright before her—then, by a strange and terrible fate, death involved her. And also when my heart’s dearest died, the irradiate went from my life forever.