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1, 21, 2, 3!Wake increase kidsWe've got the dreamers diseaseAge 14 we gained you under on your kneesSo polite, you're liven still saying pleaseFrienemies, who once you're down ain't your friendEvery night we smash your Mercedes-BenzFirst us run,and then we laugh 'til us cryBut once the night is fallingYou cannot discover the lightYou feeling your dreams are dyingHold tightYou've got the music in youDon't permit goYou've acquired the music in youOne dance leftThis human being is gonna traction throughDon't offer upYou've gained a factor to liveCan't forgetWe only acquire what us give
I'm comin' residence babyYou're topsGive it to me nowFour a.m. Us ran a miracle mileWe're flat brokeBut hey we do it in styleThe poor richGod's flying in for your trialBut when the night is fallingYou cannot find a girlfriend (friend)You feel your tree is breakingJust bendYou've gained the music in youDon't let goYou've got the music in youOne dance leftThis world is gonna traction throughDon't provide upYou've gained a factor to liveCan't forgetWe only gain what we give
This totality damn world, could fall apartYou'll it is in okay, follow your heartYou're in harms way, I'm right behindNow say you're mineYou've gained the music in youDon't allow goYou've obtained the music in youOne dance leftThis people is gonna traction throughDon't give upYou've got a reason to liveCan't forgetWe only gain what we giveDon't permit goI feeling the music in you(in you)Fly high, paris highWhat's real, can't dieYou only get what girlfriend giveYou space gonna acquire what friend giveDon't give upJust don't be afraid to live
Health insurance money rip off lyingFDA huge bankers buyingFake computer system crashes diningCloning if they're multiplyingFashion shoots with Beck and HansonCourtney Love, and also Marilyn MansonYou're every fakes operation to your mansionsCome approximately we'll kick her ass inDon't allow goOne dance leftDon't offer upCan't forget

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