(Spoilers ahead for the ending of “The Man in the High Castle” seachild 4, which is likewise the ending of the entire series. You have been warned.)

“The Man in the High Castle” is not the the majority of straightforward book, and also normally the TV present that Amazon has actually turned that book right into is additionally not straightforward. On the one hand you’ve acquired the standard narrative in the develop of the alternative history in which the Axis powers won World War II, and also on the other the whole thing around parallel universes, which has actually always served a more metaphorical feature. And the ending of this series, the final scene of seaboy 4, deserve to be a little bit confmaking use of for folks bereason it’s even more in that metaphorical region.

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So as we arrive at that last scene, points are looking up in the, ah, Prime Earth of this story. The Japanese have abandoned North America, and the Black Communist Rebellion is establishing up a brand-new, presumably a lot better federal government. The east coast has actually autonomy from Germany, and is now being run by a male who clearly desires the Nazis gone. John Smith (Rufus Sewell), perpetrator of so many kind of crimes versus mankind, is finally dead and also gone. These are all good points.

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But after all that taken place, tright here was still one last scene for “The Man in the High Castle.” The final scene takes us to the portal the Nazis developed so they can take a trip to different universes. Something weird has been going on tbelow all seaboy, via the portal turning itself on a couple times and also offering Juliana (Alexa Davalos) weird feelings that something is around to take place via it.

So in this scene, the Amerideserve to resistance has actually taken the facility wbelow the portal is situated from the Nazis, and also we’ve got Juliana, Hawthorne (Stephen Root), Wyatt (Jakid O’Mara) and a bunch of others hanging out in the portal room as it fires itself up. And once the portal stabilizes, out walks a entirety bunch of people. These folks simply stroll best through the room, not really acknowledging the world that were currently present. And Hawthorne, the Man in the High Castle himself, walks via the crvery own and into the portal.

It was a really relocating minute for me to watch, also though I honestly carry out not understand what it implies. Juliani says these people are coming from “everywhere” however that’s obviously extremely vague. Was this some sort of metaphor, through the souls of those killed in the past two years of atrocities about the world returning? Or was it really, literally happening?

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“The Man in the High Castle” doesn’t really provide anypoint in the means of setup for this revolve of occasions, either method. It never before establimelted firm details around the travelers that had been bringing those alternative universe movies to this version of Earth, and those films came from many type of even more Earths than just the one the Nazis had been utilizing the portal to take a trip to.

Was there some kind of parallel world organization affecting occasions in this world the way the Nazis had been interfering in that various other civilization they retained visiting? And they made a decision that now was the moment to pay it a visit? Or probably these were refugees who had fled this fact and were now returning?

Over at Entertainment Weekly, showrunner David Scarpa shelp the scene was intentionally ambiguous. “Part of the intention was to invite the audience to have their own interpretation of what they’re seeing on display screen.” Though he does sell a tantalizing information. “The portal is, basically, open up and also it is going to remain open up. In effect, what that means is 2 worlds have actually come to be one. There’s a doormeans from one people into the next, and also now civilization can relocate openly between them.”

Because the show is over currently, that can be a detail I didn’t require shown, because it might save me up at night as I try to figure out what that indicates. But given that the present is over currently, we’re more than likely never before going to gain an extra genuine or informative answer than that. But even though I don’t get it, I choose the scene a lot anymeans. I like the vibe of it.

It feels like victory.




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