„One of the finest ways to do yourself happy is to make other people happy. Among the finest ways to do other people happy is to be happy yourself.“

— Gretchen Rubin American writer 1966

Source: The joy Project: Or Why I invested a Year trying to sing in the Morning, Clean my Closets, hit Right, read Aristotle, and also Generally Have an ext Fun


„Art is the prize of the 2 noblest person efforts: to construct and also to stop from destruction.“

— Simone Weil French philosopher, Christian mystic, and also social activist 1909 - 1943

The Pre-War Notebook (1933-1939), released in very first and critical Notebooks (1970) edited through Richard Rees


„Whoever is happy will make others happy.“

— anne Frank victim the the Holocaust and author that a diary 1929 - 1945

Source: The Diary that a Young Girl


„Art is the price of the two noblest human efforts: come construct and to refrain from destruction.“

— Evelyn Waugh brother writer 1903 - 1966

Simone Weil, The Pre-War Notebook (1933-1939), published in first and critical Notebooks (1970) edited by Richard ReesMisattributed


„The ideal art, the noblest that art: working v the complexities that life, refusing come simplify, come "overcome" doubt.“

— Joyce Carol Oates American writer 1938

Source: The newspaper of Joyce Carol Oates: 1973-1982


„Whoever is happy will certainly make others happy too.“

— note Twain American author and humorist 1835 - 1910

„Make thyself perfect; others, happy.“

— john Lancaster Spalding Catholic bishop 1840 - 1916

Source: Aphorisms and also Reflections (1901), p. 76

„Live, and also be happy, and make others so.“

— mar Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein, or the contemporary Prometheus

Justine Moritz in Ch. 8Frankenstein (1818)

„In stimulate to be happy oneself the is necessary to do at least one other person happy.“

— Theodor Reik austrian-american psychoanalytist 1888 - 1969

„Associate v the noblest human being you can find; read the ideal books; live with the mighty; however learn to be happy alone.“

— Saul Bellow, publication Ravelstein

Source: Ravelstein

„Tea is a job-related of art and also needs a master hand to bring out the noblest qualities.“

— Kakuzo Okakura, book The publication of Tea

Kakuzō Okakura, The publication of Tea (1906), Ch. II.

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„Choose the life that is noblest, because that custom can make it sweet come thee.“

— Epictetus thinker from ancient Greece 50 - 138

Fragment xx.Golden Sayings the Epictetus, Fragments

„The noblest praise is to do yourself as good and as simply as friend can.“

— Isocrates ancient greek rhetorician -436 - -338 BC

„I have received a commission to do a poster against war. That is a job that makes me happy. Some might say a thousand times the this is not pure art…. However as lengthy as I can work, I want to be reliable with my art.“

— Käthe Kollwitz German artist 1867 - 1945

Letters the Friendship and also Acquaintance (1966), edited through Hans Kollwitz, p. 95; cited in Käthe Kollwitz: Woman and also Artist (1976) by Martha Kearns, p. 172.Other Quotes

„Those just are happy (I thought) who have their minds solved on some object other than their own happiness; ~ above the delight of others, top top the innovation of mankind, even on some art or pursuit, followed not as a means, yet as itself perfect end. Aiming for this reason at something else, they uncover happiness by the way.“

— john Stuart Mill, publication Autobiography

Autobiography (1873)

„Politics is the arts of person happiness.“

— H. A. L. Fisher british politician 1865 - 1940

Source: A history of Europe (1934), Ch. 31.

„A human being who's happy will make others happy; a person who has courage and also faith will never die in misery“

— ann Frank victim that the Holocaust and author of a diary 1929 - 1945

Variant: Those who have actually courage and faith shall never ever perish in miserySource: The Diary that a Young Girl

„Art is composed in making others feeling what we feel.“

— Fernando Pessoa, publication The book of Disquiet

Ibid., p. 231The book of DisquietOriginal: A arte consiste em fazer os outros sentir o que nós sentimos.

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„Do what thy manhood bids thee do, indigenous none however self expect applause;He noblest lives and also noblest dies who makes and also keeps his self-made laws.“

— Richard Francis Burton brother explorer, geographer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, cartographer, ethnologist, spy, linguist, poet,… 1821 - 1890

The Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû El-Yezdî (1870)Context: perform what her manhood bids thee do, indigenous none but self suppose applause;He noblest lives and also noblest dies who makes and also keeps his self-made laws.All various other Life is living Death, a human being where none but Phantoms dwell,A breath, a wind, a sound, a voice, a tinkling of the camel-bell.

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