created By: pro Reese George: Nobody wants to be v someone that loves themJerry: No, human being hate thatGeorge: You want to be through somebody the doesn"t favor youJerry: IdeallyGeorge: i am never ever saying "I love you" again uneven they say it firstNigga gotta phone call you...In the many endearing manner...that these jawns is for everybodyH-town, through J. JrI"m through J. Harden, I"m coolin"And the method the broads are choosing usI think I"m "bout to move out HoustonNigga, obtained that black color bottle on meBlack-black party on meHalf the Bs in my suitcaseOn the brown, I"ll most likely ODCause I"m in H-town and also I"m crawlin"My favorite bitch at Dream be stripping roughly 2She love come say "I fuck v you, give thanks to you for coming through"She gon" gain you in your feelings, then obtain you the end of your lootOh, she don"t love youShe don"tShe don"tShe don"tShe don"t love friend no moreJerry: are you confident in the "I love you" return?George: Fifty-fiftyJerry: reason if girlfriend don"t get that return, that"s a pretty huge matzoh ball hanging the end thereGeorge: Aw, I"ve just acquired to to speak it once, everyone else it s okay to speak it, why can"t ns say it?Elaine: What, you never ever said it?George: Once, to a dogH-town, through J.

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JrI"m with J. Harden, I"m coolin"And the, and the means the broads are selecting usI think I"m "bout to relocate out HoustonNigga, obtained that black Bottle on meBlack-black party on meAll the Bs the I brought in hereIs top top the ground, I understand we"ll OD causeI"m the end H-town, just coolin"My favourite bitch is ready, stated "what go you shot and do?"I told her "It"s whatever," she said me "Whatever" tooShe said me it"s a problem, well what"s the problem - "The loot"Yeah, she don"t love youWale, I"ma choose you up mine GYou recognize I"ma have them Ghosts waiting on you choose last timeWe celebratin" tonightShe knows the I"ve been rolling up choose a motherfuckerI"ve been pouring up like a motherfuckerThat I"ve been creeping out prefer a motherfuckerSleeping out prefer a motherfuckerFriends call me I"m a motherfucker, castle knowThey know that I"ve been rolling up prefer a motherfuckerI"ve been pouring up like a motherfuckerThey recognize that I"ve to be creeping out like a motherfuckerSleeping out prefer a motherfuckerFriends phone call me I"m a motherfucker, castle knowYou recognize we goodDamnThat human body babe, need a human body bagSyrup in bottles, be balancing my anxiety, heyI ain"t sipping to fit in v niggasI walk to Texas for women, and no Timberland weatherMademoiselle, every nigga fetish for realsStay it spins the morning, mine shit it is in snoring off with that pillWhat a duty model ns beI bet I lost respect when you witnessed me sweating off MD-MA, blame the on the batch, girl, it"s OKPop one come relax, see, this lab shit is for this reason fakeWomen therefore fake, all these niggas for this reason fakeSo that am i to asking "bout ass, titties or totality names?Now she offering government and her number away, heyMeaning she wanna perform things no for publicly display, heyI"m off a high and low so my mind in a daze, yeahSo won"t you tell me friend love me when I"m stuck on this wave?And I"m up on a plane, bye